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There are many things we look for in a cleanser, but are we looking for the right thing?

While many cleansers in the market don’t exactly fit all our expectations in a bottle, there is one that contains all the key qualities a cleanser should have for one to have gorgeous skin. It is also the No.1 brand recommended by dermatologists!



Cetaphil is known to be one of the mildest, gentlest cleansers in the market. If you have oily, acne-prone skin be it on your face or back, the Oily Skin Cleanser is designed for you. Use the product on affected areas only.


Cetaphil’s Skincare Plan includes 3 Steps as shown above; which i am about to reel out in details below:


Cleanse. This star product is as gentle as gentle gets! It softens as it cleanses, never irritates, and preserves skin natural layer of moisture. It can also be used as a light makeup remover.


We might have gotten used to the idea of bubbles foaming on our face; giving us that ‘squeaky-clean’ feeling but truth is that is bad for our skin. Harsh cleansers trigger irritation to sensitive skin, or leaves other skin types feeling dry / tight. Sounds familiar? Been there before, don’t wanna go back there again!


Moisturize. This bottle provides intense and long lasting moisturization all day long.


We all love products that leave us smelling good, but little do we know that the more fragrance a product contains, the more harmful it is to our skin. So you know what to do, girls – Leave it to your perfume to do that job, not your skincare products!


Protect. Just any goodness will go to waste if they are not protected. Once your skin is damaged by UVA / UVB, there is no easy way out. Good news is, Cetaphil’s sunblock has one of the highest levels of protection against harmful rays!


Remember: Prevention is better than cure.


Washing and caring for my face has never been so pleasant and enjoyable. The non-foaming, lotion-like Gentle Skin Cleanser has a texture so gentle; my skin feels unbelievably fresh and smooth. If this collection can effectively treat eczema and problematic skin, imagine the wonders that it can do to normal skin!


Give Cetaphil a try and share with your loved ones today. i say, this is the best time to do so as currently there is a promotion at the following leading pharmacy outlets:

  • Watsons – 20% discount on Gentle Skin Cleanser 16oz and 8oz
  • Guardian – 20% discount on Gentle Skin Cleanser16oz and 8oz
  • Caring – 20% discount on Gentle Skin Cleanser 4oz


My happy skin, given the mildest touch, the strongest protection. ♡

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