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Whoa whoa whoa~ It’s the weekend again, guys!


It’s a Saturday night and i can’t wait to party!!! i believe the whole world is with me. Not literally, but you know what i mean party people. We are 1Malaysia mah! Doesn’t matter where or with who, we should just gather our love and party along~


If you’ve got the passion for music, and the thirst to party, now you’ve got XPLAY to satisfy your needs. What is XPLAY? Aha –

XPLAY is a series of music events nationwide that brings various genres of music together by only the best local and international DJs such as DJ Fuzz, DJ Xu, LapSap, Thaitanium, DJ Jessica & DJ Yasmin (from Indonesia) and many more to bring you an electrifying show!


Now you can party like never before with beyond-imagination line-ups and ground-shaking music to give you one of the most memorable nights you will ever have.


However, the first XPLAY event is happening today (12 June) at 9.30 PM at Kota Kinabalu; which means, i can’t go )’=

But the GOOD news is, the second event will be held in KL on the 19th of June from 9.30PM till late @ Opera, Sunway Pyramid! 😀


Get your exclusive FREE invitation from the Xpax Facebook here. Just join as a fan and click on the “XPLAY” tab, and register for a FREE invitation! (Be the first 200 fans to register and get 1 FREE drink of your choice) 😀

When you receive an email invite for the party, that’s how you know you’re chosen, baybeh!


As for tonight, i’m hitting Zouk again with Ken and his gang. YAY! See you guys at the party! 8)

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  1. Girls (Cindy) wants to have fun and party.
    So party lah.

    1. partyyy people!!! 8)

  2. That is a great party!

    1. it was! Ahahahaha///

  3. Miss Cindy Tey, you are offcially super hot!

    Best wishes from London town, your blog’s really interesting. I love Malaysia.

    1. come to Malaysiaaa ^^

  4. Ha ha! Actually I’ve been wanting to go live in Malaysia for a while now that’s how I
    ended up reading so many Malaysian blogs.. I’m coming over for a month to visit my sister
    and check it out some more, so you never know. Too cold in London!!

    1. oh wow! it’s hot here so… lol

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