Nagoya Photo Diary II


This fraction of my Nagoya story comes in fragments from Ise, a little terraqueous piece of land where shrines, fairytale trees and sea creatures bring wonders to life. Don’t be surprised with my lack of words here – it’s not about being slothful. A full  travel guide is up; packed with tips and cost estimates to help you plan a complete, fruitful trip on your own. Hope you enjoy these never-seen-before scenes.

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  1. Nice trip. How’s this place compared to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo? Planning my trip to Japan. Will be going Sapporo, Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka.

    I may actually stopped by Nagoya too!

    1. Hi Irvine, I enjoyed Nagoya in different ways compared to Kyoto & Tokyo (haven’t been to Osaka). Kyoto is all about cultures whereas Tokyo, The City. Nagoya is like what you see in these recent posts of mine. If you have the time, spend 2 days there!

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