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As much as i love fashion (wearing, talking, obsessing about it), truth is, i love travel more. It takes me a lot of guts to admit this to you, but if i really had to choose one – ‘Live to Travel’ versus ‘Life on the Fashion Lane’, i’d definitely go for the first. What about you? 🙂 Having that said, i am taking the ‘travel’ out of this site, to tune it up a notch.

Speaking from my own experiences, i always find it difficult to trace back any details (must visit places / where to stay / what to eat) whenever somebody ask me for travel tips seeing from my blog that i voyage frequently. Hence, i’ve decided to categorize all my travel posts into sectioned ‘handouts’.

Below you will find this edition’s series of Krabi : See & Do, Stay, & Food; in this so called travel ‘diary’ i’ve named literally. Just click on the labeled pictures to be directed to the respective handouts.

So the next time you would like to visit Krabi / would love to get some travel tips, head over to the Tags in my blog and you’ll see an array of countries and cities for you to choose from. Or you can simply pick one first, get inspired, and book a flight after. Bon voyage!

Krabi Photo Diary:

IMG_7858Krabi 1IMG_7853IMG_7856IMG_7827

{Up in the air, reading with music in my ears while observing weird travelers once in a while. Bumped into a bunch of friendly Cin City readers at the airport who weren’t too shy happy to say hi! 😀 }


{Not sure if you noticed – we departed at 2:15 p.m. and arrived at 2:15 p.m.. Magic? Not. 😆 To those who don’t yet know, Thailand is an hour behind of us}


{Click picture above to go to –> Krabi : Stay}


{Had unbelievable fun on a simple Tuk Tuk ride; which reminds me that it’s always about the company, not so much where you are, nor what you do 😉 }


{Two hours later: in search for fooooooooood. A hungry woman has a wandering soul!}


{Click the lady boy to visit –> Krabi : Food}


{En route to the beach | Welcome in to our robbed shop (!?)}


{Click The Little Mermaid to find out what i wore}


{You know what to do to visit –> Krabi : Tour}


{More pictures of us golden girls in smiles and sunnies 8) }


{Baby boys bathing in public | Pre-dinner photo with darling Eri before the seafood feast arrives}


{Sex & The City midnight moments}


{Jenga + funny facial expressions}


We hope you enjoyed the ride~!

Love, The #Travelovers. 😳


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