The weather in Venice was manipulated ‘up there’ like it didn’t welcome us at all. The moment we hopped on a bus to leave, Mr. glorious sun peaked through cloud pockets to shine ever so brightly. Big Guy and i had a moment staring at each other when the golden rays fell onto our faces thinking, “what the fuck!” before i made it verbal.


Lucky for us, those were the only two days throughout our entire trip that were scattered with raindrops. From there onwards, we were promised heavens – just like the picture above.

Here’s a tip i must share with you: If you ever choose to rent a car for an Italian road trip from Venice, note that there is a car rental pickup right opposite the jetty. As we didn’t know that, we wasted half an evening returning to the airport to collect our car, and back on the highway passing by the jetty again thinking, ‘What the fuck!!”.

Cost (Toll from Venice to Pisa): 25.60 €


We picked a hotel so near the leaning tower that it almost looked more like a big toy from our window. Though the location was a beautiful bonus, it gave a very, creepy, Supernatural-ish aura. Everything from the painting staring at us in front of our bed, the uneven stone cold walls surrounding us, the 1000 year old cupboard with God-knows-what inside . . . i swear i showered with the door open in case of an ’emergency’!

Cost (Stay): 58.50 €


Initially, i insisted to stay-in after such a long drive but upon seeing our room, i was so glad when Big Guy suggested for the fifth time that it’d be a great idea to see the leaning tower at night because 1. It gives a whole different vibe in the dark and 2. It is one of those touristic places you most probably only visit once in a lifetime. As you perhaps already noticed, i always need a reason for doing something and perhaps feasibly for me, Big loves reasoning.

One thing i’ve learned, always say ‘YES’ when traveling and for that, i am now able to show you TWO versions of Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles):




We explored 3 out of 4 edifices, leaving out the cemetery; which we only took a peek of. In this post, i’ve highlighted the MUST-sees you shouldn’t miss out so keep an eye on the labeled pictures!


Cost (Ticket): 18 €


{ticking off another World Wonder with a compulsory tourist shot}

i stood right under the chained leaning tower finally understanding why the saying “When in Rome . . .” exists. ‘Rome’, is just a symbolic word to represent Italy. Truth is, when in Italy, do as the Italians do.

The clock showed 9 a.m. (sharp). Big Guy and i had been circling the giant for the third time that morning and still couldn’t find the entry into the tower. i checked my ticket where it stated clearly the opening hours: 0900 – 1600. But how do we get in? It is caged and chained like a bird, with more and more clueless people gathering around while admiring it with the same question above their heads!


So here’s another tip:

It turns out that you have to walk to the other building (behind the tower and baptistery) to verify your online tickets AND keep your bags in the locker (compulsory). The puzzling thing was that neither was there any one to inform us, nor was there any sign mentioning anything about that information whatsoever. Big and i just took a shot and figured it out ourselves!

We then solved the other piece of the riddle: The staffs appointed to open the entry to the tower, were just simply late. “So they’re finally done with their espressos, huh,” said Big sneeringly as i shook my head in disbelief. “This is a freaking UNESCO heritage. What a shame!”

Which brings me to my conclusion about the saying “When in Rome”. Instead of allowing the annoyance to get to me on my holiday, i tried to think of espresso as the answer to everything – Do, as the Romans do. If i was to expect a tiptop German service, i should be in Germany, not Italy.


{take some time at this little circle of a lobby inside the leaning tower to appreciate the physics of this miraculously still-standing building}


{remember to take a picture of the curved marble steps}


{take a picture from the inside . . .}


{and from the outside, if you can}


{climb to the top and witness the concert of bells chiming simultaneously}


{catch your breath while allowing this marvelous 360 view steal it away from you again}


{take a picture around and outside the tower, even if you are afraid of heights}


{take a few moments to practice bel far niente}


{slowly climb back down}


{take a peek through the inner windows to see how far your’ve climbed through the flight of curvy, narrow stairs}


{spot the also leaning cross on the way out}


That ends our Leaning Tower of Pisa tour! Next to cover and conquer, Pisa Cathedral:


{the wow entrance}


One could walk in and out of this cathedral feeling like they have just visited another European church or a historical masterpiece; depending on how much they know. Here are a couple of things to check out in order to get the most out of your trip:


{designed by Galileo Galilei himself}


{pretty self explanatory of why it is AWESOME}


{and its lilliputian suckers}


{light up an electric candle here}


Last but not least, of course, enjoy every bit of it and cherish your presence in such a peaceful, holy place.


And that ends our Pisa Cathedral tour!


{took some fashion shots for ‘Top Gun’ here}


{Pappardelle sul Cinghiale at Ristorante Il Toscano}

Cost (Lunch): 20 €


{can’t quite live in Italy without this : Tiramisu gelato <3 }

Cost (Toll from Venice to Pisa): 25.60 €
Cost (Stay): 58.50 €
Cost (Ticket): 18 €
Cost (Lunch): 20 €
TOTAL: 112.20 € 112 €

*Budget per person

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