A Frame in A Frame

Here comes another travel log for us to share. One fine day at China, 20 of us boarded a bus and went for a ride in a bustling city named Beijing.


i decided to dress in something casual, comfortable, and also kept my makeup more natural in earthy tones that day.


i found a vacuumed chicken feet @ a random gas station by the highway and took a picture; as i thought you might like the sight of it. Do you?


Lunch was consisted of countless oily dishes.


At a tea factory. This black thing here is made of compressed tea leaves!

i was wearing :






And this, is the correct way of holding a tea cup, guys!


At night : Show Time!








China is famous for their acrobatic stunts and we should be glad to have the opportunity to watch it LIVE. Well, at least that’s what i thought. The show turned out to be a disappointment as many careless accidents happened. Somehow the performers seemed to be out of focus. Hopefully that doesn’t happen every night.


And that ends our show for today. *yawns* A frame in a frame. Shakespeare would be proud of me. Speaking of which; i’m giving away 2 pairs of tickets (worth RM60 each) to watch The God of Carnage! This comedy is DEFINITELY gonna beat that acrobatic show hands down~


Show : The God of Carnage
Date & Time : 28th April 2011, Thursday. 8:30PM
Venue: PJ Life Arts, Jaya One


Just email me your name, email address & contact number by Monday, 25th April, and i will pick 2 lucky winners. A ticket booth will be set up and Nuffnang will be giving out the tickets on the day itself.

Good luck!

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  1. chicken wings, yum yum

    1. should’ve bought that chicken feet for u to review. XD

  2. I love Chicken Feet! First time seeing it sold like “junk food”. haha Did it taste good?

    1. really? i didn’t taste it. lol!

  3. Hi Cindy! Enjoyed reading every of your post. Btw, looking natural and good in your outfit! 🙂 I’m in for the God of Carnage tix. Carmen Loke, clkmshine@gmail.com and my contact no is 6012 616 9219. 🙂 Good dayy!!

  4. Ooh. I like your ear rings !!!! :DDDDDD <3

    btw, Do. Not. Like. Chicken Feet. And it looked scary in that package @.@

  5. Cindy, 2 lucky winner means? each person only 1 ticket? or each will have 2? if it’s 2, i can bring my friend along. Do let me know thru here or email. ooiguanyi@gmail.com

  6. totally agree with the chinese food in china trip, so oily and salty. wanted to go for the show, but i got class that night….

    1. hopefully another time then 😉

  7. Chinese food always the best !!!

    1. but Chinese food in China is too oily.. T__T

      1. hehe oily food… your enemy…

        hahaha!!!(alot of ajinomoto also..)

  8. hi, I am interested in this event!! below would be the details you need =)

    name: alvin ong xing jui
    email address: xing_jui@yahoo.com
    contact number: 60165412099


    1. hi Alvin, unfortunately i’ve emailed the list of winners to NN before i received your comment.. so sorry ):

      1. is okay 🙂 smile back yeah

  9. I am a super fans of Charles and Keith too!

    I want the God of Carnage tickets!:)

    here you go my details:

    Name:Chloe Lian

    Email address:fashiondiva_glam@hotmail.com

    Contact Number:0136983583

    1. hi chloe, so sorry but i already submitted the selected readers before i received your comment 🙁 my sincere apology..

  10. Cant resist from commenting.. dang.. the “compressed” tea leaves look like something else.. 😛 u sure is a tea leaves?

    1. look like what? O_O ya it’s made of tea leaves! LOL tikkos nih~!

      1. er.. seriously.. did u smell something weird? maybe that is the pirated version of tea leaves that made from something else? .. they are pretty good with that.. if im u.. i will proly take a big LICK and see 😛

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