Nude Bird

Moving forward from fashion posts, this lovely month i will be blogging about travel & living (under AWOL – Absence W/Out Leave, lol).


City : Beijing 8)


i wore a nude pink dress top from Forever 21, egyptian princess earrings from Diva Australia, with my favourite pair of over-sized sunnies. ♥


iPod loaded with great music is essential for any air rides to me! Agree?


Learned Spanish through an audio language trainer with the companion of some light refreshments from the airplane~


Always bring along a sweater and drink lots of H2O / juices when flying!!!

You never know when it gets cold and though going to the restroom on the plane can be a hassle, your body gets easily dehydrated when you’re 36,000 feet off the ground!


This is my lonely travel log after Catcher in the Rye got stolen by Singaporean customs. Bastards!

Tips : How to identify fake China 50 & 100 RMB notes.


1. Move the note up & down under some light. The number 100 should change from green to shimmery / glossy green if it’s a real note.

Or if you don’t have light, try this.


2.  The surface of this red shirt in a real note has texture. Rub your finger on it. If it has a rough surface, your note is real. Yay!


Finally reached Tian Jin airport and took a long bus ride to Beijing city.


After battling with the mad jam, when we arrived it was dinner time. The food SUCKS! So no picture of food today. Only this live performance from the restaurant that was as bad as the food, to be honest.


Hotel Motel Holiday Inn~


So that was the Beijing : Day 1ne for me. Good experience.

Trust me, more interesting China posts coming up! Anyone here been to Beijing before? 🙂

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  1. i’ve been there once. for 6days.. well the food don’t really favorable..

    1. ya man. frickin’ oily

  2. not there yet but would love to go despite my lousy Mandarin haha

    1. honestly, not too fun. =x

  3. Went to Beijing last month. 7days trip on our own. We don’t know any chinese words but it isn’t that difficult to move around Beijing. The subway is so affordable! 2RMB anywhere!

    1. ya the only best thing is that everything is so cheap, but the toilets are…. T______T!

  4. Saw you twice in Beijing 🙂

    1. how is that possible?

      1. haha…first time saw u in holiday inn,
        2nd time was in olympic park

      2. ahahahaha… alamak serious worrr

  5. Hey,

    yeap. I was there in August for 2 whole weeks going back and forth between Beijing and Tianjin. If you have time, drop by Tianjin too. They have some really cheap stuff there..

    Oh, and in Beijing, do visit the Drum Tower (Gu Lou).If you are visiting the Great Wall, please don’t visit the one with the cable car. Oh, and MUST TRY– The best Peking Duck in Beijing, Restaurant QuanJude. Just asked around, most people can direct you to it.

    Enjoy your trip 🙂

    1. i tried the duck!!! hahaha 😀

  6. 3 times in Beijin !
    Must visit Summer Palace ! yes great place to be! concerning food , you must not go to Foreigners restaurants, they’re waiting for
    you ! lol
    Can’t give you 1 adress, best to do is an hazardous walk
    and stop in chinese rest. full of chinese people !
    Beijin is too large and there are so fast changin that’s
    difficult to have one adress !

    1. we follow tour guide one.. so no choice T_T

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