Deepavali Special : Saree


With Deepavali just around the corner, i believe that this very outfit entry is most appropriate. 🙂

Like a girl who dreams of Barbie, i have always wanted a sari. More than that, i wanted the process of getting my own sari to be fun and meaningful at the same time. i believe that every Malaysian girl should own at least a pair of baju kurung / kebaya, cheongsam, and of course, sari. The idea of getting one for the sake of any occasion and squeezing my car through the confusing one-way Little India routes somehow never entices me.

During my quest of completing the ‘Pray’ out of my ‘Eat Pray Love’ journey this year, a very lucky me finally got myself a gorgeous Saree when i was in jewel island, Sri Lanka. i had the chance to be involved in the whole process – shopping for materials and selecting colors, choosing the designs, finding the right tailor (by right i mean sincere, passionate and being able to punctually deliver). None of them would have been possible without the help of my dear friend Tracy and her mother who both seemed even more enthusiastic than i was!

So another little dream came true. A saree that i never wanna get out from once i’m in it – i feel like a real princess no other dresses have ever made me feel, and getting one made in Sri Lanka while chatting up with the locals (with help by Tracy’s mum of course) made this one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

Happy Deepavali to those who are celebrating!


Sari: tailor made in Sri Lanka
Accessories: DIVA



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  1. love the edgy combi of lace and bold gold accessories!

  2. (by lace i mean the patterned top, but , whatever material it is..haha)

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