Pastel Yeti


Contrary to popular belief that yeti(s) are creatures of cryptozoology, i would love to believe that they are more than just a legend. i’ve read many books / stories about them as a child and had always dreamed of meeting one ever since. Since that wish never hasn’t come true, i pounced on the opportunity to grab this white furry vest that instantly reminded me of my childhood, and most certainly kept my body warm throughout that (sunny) winter day in Stuttgart city. Don’t even question about my belly-bearing sweater – i missed out the measure. The next time you wanna yeti-fy yourself, make sure you try that at least once with shades of pastel like so, for an ultimate yeti experience. 😳






Trousers: ZARA
Boots: PULL & BEAR
Sweater & Vest : H&M


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