5 Cinspirations

This year, I wanted to ensure that my Big 3-0 celebration is so different; it would make me look back one day and go, “That was LIT!” While a trip is something money can buy, the experience that comes with it is priceless. A getaway with a girl friend to Maldives definitely felt a lot like a chick flick movie. Coming home, I expected that was that, but my family had lined up a couple of plans to celebrate a belated birthday for me. Here are some of my favourite moments with the people who took the extra mile to make my favorite day even more special, and a bit about Cingapore.

1. This strawberry chocolate birthday cake mum baked

birthday cake

{for it is gorgeous and made with 100% love}

2. This treasure soup with tea light candle

Treasure soup

{because family reunion}

3. The only gift I received from a friend this year

birthday girl

{because unboxing a present in Maldvies doesn’t come by very often}

4. Sunset at Avatar land

Gardens by the Bay

{spoilt by the quality pictures a DSLR provides, I usually have zero tendency to snap pictures when I’m not out with it. However, this is hands down the best picture I’ve ever taken using my iPhone – I surprised myself}

5. This shot my cousin took of me while testing her new android phone

Starbucks Raffles Singapore

{because it looks like it’s taken using a DSLR, with its blurred background and all}


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