Wedding Cinspirations: 5 Favorite Moments

It has been exactly a month since É and I registered our marriage and it still feels surreal (every time we use the word ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ we end up laughing at each other or with a smile lingering around our lips). I don’t know if such magic eventually wears off; most probably in reality, so today I thought I’d list down my 5 favorite moments from our ROM as a sweet reminisce:


{When I kissed his nose yet don’t remember this ever happened – albeit surrounded by witnesses, I couldn’t help feeling as if time stopped, moments beat, and it was just us in our own little world}


{Seeing my dad, smiling from ear to ear; proud of our new life achievement, forever humble at heart}


{Watching my endearing mother-in-law’s chopstick chronicles during our luncheon and how it filled the room with laughter}


{For having one of my best friends to support and be there for me throughout the event made all the difference}


{Of how silly we can be during our mini photoshoot said it all about our real moments together}


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