The World’s First Starbucks


A unique experience I gained from traveling in Hong Kong; which is quite embarrassing really, was that one of the ‘attractions’ (if I may call it) I enjoyed the most was my visit to the world’s first bing sutt Starbucks located at Duddel Street.

Bing sutt (literally translated as ‘ice room’) is a coffee shop from the olden days. Today, Starbucks has chosen this lucky place to be designed with a fusion of Eastern-meets-Western, while providing an easy going and comfortable environment for their guests to feel inspired and creative for work, or to simply feel connected with Hong Kong’s roots and spirit as they enjoy a cup of coffee with friends.

I for one, was more grateful than thrilled to be able to ensconce myself from the tempest and wily world out there in a place so timeless! My photo diary:


No wonder Starbucks make big bucks. People can spend the whole day there and feel like it is the most ‘natural’ thing on earth!


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  1. its classic starbucks….never think of this

  2. Oh I thought worlds first Starbucks was in Seattle Washington ?

  3. Ok. Please ignore the previous comment. I just read that you mean first “bing sutt” Starbucks.

    1. adding the word “bing sutt’ in the title itself would make it too long, so i removed it. haha! sorry for the confusion!

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