Ten Fun Things You Can’t Miss at Jonker Walk


While Malaysia provides many public holidays, it is not always that we get to make the most out of every single one of them. Sometimes I find myself wasting one whole day just wondering what to do!

However, spending an evening at Jonker Walk with some friends makes a fitting idea for a short one-day trip when you feel bored of the KL scene yet have little budget to splurge overnight.


So what happens when you put 3 Malaysian girls in a car on a 2-hour road trip down south? Hello Afonso de Albuquerque! They cross states of the peninsula just to conquer the historical town famous for its food, Malacca.

Perfect weather, classic rock songs on BFM, insanely comfortable basics (a must during food hunt) – we’re on a serious mission in search of the best chicken rice balls, authentic Nyonya laksa, rich milky cendol, Portuguese-influenced pastries and childhood candies.


Don’t worry about gaining weight though! Being the natural genius that women are, we instantly burnt calories while the golden sun sets by doing touristic vintage shopping, trying on funky shades, admiring handcrafted souvenirs, sipping on refreshing cocktails at the Geographer, and falling asleep on rattan chairs throughout a relaxing massage session.

Oh and have you ever queued (a minimum of 2 hours) just to try the satay celup along Lorong Bukit Cina? If you had, may I say, that you’re not missing out anything in life. But if you never, then take my word that it’s an experience you’ve gotta try.


10 Things To Do at Jonker Walk to Complete Your Trip



1. Lunch: Chicken Rice Balls 


The battle between Hoe Kee VS Chung Wah chicken rice ball has been on-going for decades. While the former provides a better environment (a tourist trap I fell for), most locals advised me to go for Chung Wah. Why not trust them, right?

Tip: Try your best to fill your stomach ONLY half-full as the food list goes on as we go down . . . 



2. Handcraft and souvenir shopping 


Give your tummy a short break by feasting your eyes on arts instead. Good or bad, art is life, art is subjective. Buy something cute for the first person that comes to your mind!



3. Tea break: Nyonya laksa and Cendol at Jonker 88 

Curry mee, assam laksa, or both – your choice. However, the cendol is a must; whether it’s hot or pouring outside.



4. Street photography 

To feed your Instagram feed.



5. Fluffy pineapple tarts to go home with



6. Handmade childhood candies to suckle on while browsing the street


Watching this old man knock his candy devotedly is always an interesting sight for foreigners and locals alike.


7. Marvel on #throwback toys


Seriously, if I were a kid, I would really love to add this to my masak-masak collection.


8. Enjoy a foot massage after all that walking 


The most perfect idea at the end of the day.


9. Cruise along Malacca river on a boat as the sun sets


While I’ve done this a few times, every ride is a different experience when you’re cruisin’ with different people.


10. Cool down with a beer 

I heard the rich goes to Hard Rock Café, but my all-time favorite is still the good ol’ Geographér.


* * *


For dinner, you could have stir-fried radish cake at Jonker St., but we decided on a venture to Capitol Satay (which I regretted) . . .


The queue was unbelievable.


Policeman giving away tickets.


We obviously had a lot of time to take pictures . . .


Food was okay lah.


Full outfit post featured here.



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