Our Pre-Minimoon

The next day, right after our ROM, É and I embarked on a 2-week trip taking his parents around to seek the beauty that is Malaysia. While I’ve been to the 3 states namely Langkawi, Penang and Sarawak countless times, I was thrilled by the different experiences gained while traveling with my in-laws; who were extremely curious, full of passion and adventurous. Here are 15 of my favorite moments from our very well-balanced excursion; encapsulating glamorous sunsets around heritage towns, surrounded by buzzing wildlife and (heaps of) fresh seafood.


{Our bewitching stay at The Datai, Langkawi}


{This dip in calm water when misty skies turned dusty pink}


{This sunset where the axis of sky and sea melts together and all you see is nothing but beauty}


{My colorful scarf + anklet paired with a lacy white romper – post-ROM theme on point!}


{My cute and curious new family members who made me laughed a lot}


{Our enchanting stay at The Blue Mansion}


{Two mums, hand-in-hand under one umbrella}


{This delicious charcoal steamboat that spelled reunion}


{As newly weds we got the best room of the whole lot}


{This shot because a smily aunty thought I looked too elegant (ehem!) so she insisted to take a picture of me with this backdrop, and this pose was her idea}


{This cool looking piece of charcoal}


{Our smokey tour to the charcoal factory at Kuala Sepetang}


{Me in a bun; half-candid, half not, almost camouflaged beneath violet dusk}


{Revisiting good ol’ Sarawakian flavors in bowls of slurp-y noodles}


{This winning sunset we traveled into on a boat ride at Santubong}

Pictures taken by André Teixeira Gomes and myself. 


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