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I am here. I am now. I lie my head against the plane’s window pane like it was a darling ol’ friend and beam with contentment. I could be in my car right now stuck in KL traffic or loading a list of emails at work, but I am not. I am here. I am now. And its all that matters.

I close my eyes to feel the growing contentment brimming in my heart, only to be awakened by the smell of Pak Nasser’s nasi lemak filling the cabin air, making my stomach growl louder with every breath I take. Decide on Uncle Chin’s chicken rice instead to learn that one MUST have it with a carbonated drink and I wonder; why isn’t water an option? Are they enforcing the young and old to consume sugary drinks?

The plane drops its height to half, offering a generous view of terraqueous greens, red soil and calm sleepy rivers. Every now and then a long tent-lookalike house is seen resting by the banks; making you wonder, “Who are the occupants?”. My stream of thoughts vanish into thin air as the machine bird land us safely in Vientiane.


To get to Luang Prabang, exit the main airport and you’ll see the domestic flight building outside, just right next to it. For a second I thought I was at a jetty – plastic chairs of four in a row that sensitively shakes with the slightest move; they could double as a rocking chair! Old fashioned standing fans replace air conditioning. Thai music stirs mellow emotions, blending in the warm Lao air. I perch myself with a book on one of the seats while waiting for my connecting flight; one like never before.

For a 45 minutes flight, we think that we’d be flying on a propeller, but to our surprise we get a real jet plane. One that serves tasty crunchy fruit chips (currently my favorite snack) instead of boring groundnuts.

From here on you’ll find the Top 5 Things To Do At Luang Prabang In 1 Day, including the cost spent during my first day.


Cost (Airport to Luang Prabang guesthouses area): 50k kip


Cost (tuk-tuk ride to Kuang Si waterfall): 250k kip

1. Visit a Hmong village on the way to Kuang Si waterfall by tuk-tuk


{The village that broke and healed my heart}


{Hmm . . . dried dry rice?}

2. Have a BBQ lunch right before the entrance of Kuang Si waterfall 


Cost (lunch): 75k kip


{One Endless Summer outfit details here}

3. Take a dip in Kuang Si waterfall’s baby blue cascades 


Cost (entrance fee): 20k kip


{Kuang Si waterfall full-blown post here}

4. Catch the mesmerizing sunset on the way back / along Mekong river


{Lao sunset that softens the toughest of hearts}

5. Shop for trinkets / souvenirs at Lao night market (because you can’t rely on Vientiane’s)

IMG_8462 IMG_8461 IMG_8464 IMG_8467 IMG_8463 IMG_8465 IMG_8466 IMG_8468IMG_8479

P.S. There is a shop named Naga Creations (pictured above) where I got the BEST laotian handicraft and jewelry ever!

Address: Lao P.D.R. Luang Prabang, Sisavangving Workshop (071212775)


Wrap up the evening by enjoying a nice dinner, and seal it with rounds of healthy juices at the heart of the city.

Cost: Around 45k kip


Travel budget (per person):
Taxi from airport to guesthouse: 50k kip
Tuk-tuk ride to Kuang Si waterfall: 250k kip
Lunch: 75k kip
Kuang Si waterfall entrance fee: 20k kip
Dinner: 45k kip
TOTAL: 440k kip (RM194)
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