One final post on Bangkok before moving on to the next country! Looking back at my previous posts, I am so happy that Cin City now looks like a travel blog more than anything else. Right now I have Singapore, Krabi, and Australia in my ‘blog bank’ and i think i shall go with that sequence though my OCD is killing me (it says i have to post by date according to which happened first). 😯 Instead of involving you in my #firstworldpain, here’s another suggestion for you the next time you visit Bangkok – Coffee Beans by Dao @ Central World (for a lovely ‘Victorian’ taste).


Being the young, energetic, girl power team that we are, our travel schedule is without fail more packed than a tuna can; but that doesn’t mean it gets to the point where we exhaust ourselves too much. We love to enjoy life-as-it is by taking breaks in between at cosy coffee places. Normally i would have just gone for Starbucks but hey, when at Thai do as the Thais do! Coffee Beans by Dao is in no way related to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but i reckon you could call it “the Thai version of CBTL” (or maybe better). Did i mention that i’m incredibly proud and impressed with my best friend Ai Rene who does her homework even up to this point of getting into every single detail? Not only do we know where to go, we even know exactly where to break! 😀










{our last (Thai) dinner}


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