Sun Kee Salted Chicken

Sun Kee Restaurant

The day I knew my Portuguese husband was successfully ‘localized’ was the day he discovered traditional salted chicken cooked with wood and charcoal, served under a roof of someone’s house. I was traveling North America when he told me about his discovery but honestly, at first I was a bit skeptical. Of course, like any good supportive wife, together we went to savor the wicked chicken at a small town named Sungkai. Boy, did it taste like ama‘s cooking anyone with a good childhood would love.

Sun Kee Restaurant

{Sun Kee, Sungkai, a name that rhymes}

Sun Kee Restaurant

{Smoked and smoky}

The preparation is straightforward but interesting:

Sun Kee Restaurant

{A wok is prepped before the chickens go in for sauna – on Sundays they need to set up two of these giants to cater to all customers!}

Sun Kee Restaurant

{Meanwhile, these lean and healthy kampung chickens are stuffed heartily with ginger and slathered with the right amount of salt, like a body scrub}

Sun Kee Restaurant

{Chickens are then buried with sweet potatoes under more rough salt in the wok and cooked using woods outdoors}

Sun Kee RestaurantSun Kee Restaurant

{We were a bit too excited for lunch, which resulted in arriving a tad too early (11 a.m.) so we had an hour to kill. What did we do? Snack on homemade sausages and wild ferns stir-fried with belacan!}

Sun Kee Restaurant

{Options to go with your chicken are: white rice, Ipoh hor fun and Penang laksa}

Sun Kee Restaurant

{Chickens and friends are finally ready!}

Sun Kee Restaurant

{These slightly salted sweet potatoes must be booked in advance}

Sun Kee Restaurant

{Our whole chicken, chopped up nicely to be devoured by a very patient and hungry couple}

Sun Kee Restaurant

Restoran Sun Kee (Salted Chicken)

Address: Kampung Buloh Telor, 35600 Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia.
(Searchable by Waze using the exact name and spelling in bold.)
Phone: +6012 – 582 1844
Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. (Closed on Monday)

Things You Need to Know About Sun Kee Before Visiting

– The restaurant may be opened at 11 a.m. but the kitchen only starts serving at 12 p.m. Yet, if you arrive at 1 p.m., the place might already be full and you’ll have to wait for a table. So, time is key.

– It is advisable to call in advance to book your chicken(s) and sweet potatoes. If you’re not sure how many birds you need, tell the lady boss your total number of guests and she’ll know what to do.

– Manage your expectations. This is not a kung fu chicken. If you love the taste of traditional food, then you’ve found the right place.

– As it is a family run business, things usually get out of hand when the restaurant is busy. It is better to eat here when you are on a relaxed road trip rather than when in a rush.

– Unfortunately quality is rather inconsistent, depending on how busy the restaurant is.

The verdict:

This place is worth a visit if you are doing a laid-back road trip passing by Perak state. Ideally, someone in your travel group enjoys being ‘the organizer’; to book the birds and plan your journey timely.

So, would you try this place? (:



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