Tortilla de chorizo y queso

i always think of my mother as a smart chef. Given the most limited ingredients in my fridge, she cooks up the most amazing dishes without having to do any extra grocery shopping. i’m sure there are times when you’re starving but absolutely don’t feel like going out at all! Here’s a simple hearty dish that you can prepare without leaving the house, or relying on fast food deliveries.


This original recipe from José Andrés uses Mallorquín sausage and Mahón cheese. To be honest with you, i did try searching for them but there wasn’t any sign of the smoky sobrasada sausage, nor the sweet and creamy Mahón cheese. But like my dear mother, i made the best out of what i have.





Even though this omelet uses the ingredients of any other omelets, it is thicker and fluffier compared to your regular one. Simple as it seems, there are many skills used in the making of this recipe such as flipping the unset tortilla by inverting the pan and plate together for both sides. This is my second attempt and what can i say : Practice makes Perfect. 😉


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  1. man, this looks good, i wanna noms!

    1. it really is good~ now i wanna noms too! but no time to fry egg today, lol…

  2. yum yum it must be really tasty. and it looks great!!

    1. u can try it at home too! 😀

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