Fabada Asturiana

This classic Asturian stew was adapted by a young chef who opens a restaurant (Nacho Manzano Casa Marcial) at the foothills of Picos de Europa in a house where he was born. One of his most famous original creations is his “light” fabada, where new techniques are used to reduce calorie content.


a|x brought dozens of canned fabada every time he comes back from Spain, but it seems like we’re running low on stock. That’s why i thank God for giving me a pair of good hands to cook up my very own fabada from José Andrés, adapted by Nacho Manzano.


It took me 3 days to find this thing called saffron and although only a pinch is needed, one should never take it for granted as fabada is not fabada without these ambrosial crushed threads.




As you eat this stew, maybe on a cold and rainy day, you may find yourself transported to the days when the miners and shepherds would go home and eat this hearty dish to recover from their labors.”


It was one sunny afternoon when i cooked this, but my brother and i enjoyed it so much we ate a serving for 5 people! These large butter beans and fresh bacon is absolutely food for LOVE. Speaking of that, i have a REAL DEAL for you dessert lovers:


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  1. oh gawd i couldn’t bring myself to buy saffron! so expensive 🙁 dish looks damn nice!

    1. that’s y! but Spanish dishes mostly use saffron so i can’t escape fml =.=

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