Going Nude (down under)


One of the hardest things to achieve when packing for trips is to find a pair of shoes that fits all dresses (and vice versa). i’ve seen girls who fly with them an extra baggage of lucky shoes! Honestly, i would like to be in their shoes. Dresses usually look best with something that gives you a lil’ bit of height but with this flowy floral maxi number, i managed to pair it with my trusty Havaianas without looking underdressed. Such simple yet great invention definitely deserves a ranking in every lady’s shoe rack. i highly recommend this model in beige slim as its nude tone with subtle gold wash can simply pass with anything you wear when towering heels betray your feet. Not to forget, it also gives that dash of ‘touristy feel’ when walking about 9 wats at sunny Thailand. The verdict: No foot massages needed that night!


Necklace: PULL & BEAR
Accessories: F21 + DIVA



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