Fête ♥ à Paris

Each part of this post is saturated with something called ♥ !

Aug 2, 2010_2

Why? Because it is inspired by a (Ratatouille) scene of Paris, the most romantic city in the World~


Ever wondered what you would wear if you were to walk the streets of Paris one evening?

A hopeless romantic like me would obviously have an answer. It would be something pretty casual and comfy, but infatuating at the same time; bringing out the warm sentiments in you.


Whether you are with a lover or a single lady looking for love, this sweet and sexc look will put you in a mood for love ^^

Let’s start with this necklace, which actually aroused and inspired me to do this entrée :


It’s a gift a|x got me from Spain, not Paris. lol~ but it suits this romantic look nonetheless. Your necklace should not be made of anything metallic.


Wear a T-shirt dress in a colour like so, and a lacey bra in creme to give it a dose of sexciness~! Slip on a dainty floral ring.


Wear your favourite watch in gold (not silver please, or you will kill the look) for that timeless Paris effect.


And when the accessories come together, it should gel and look something like this.


On the other hand, i buckle up a belt-like bracelet for a reggae edge + a brown rubber band (you never know when you need it, agree?)


Important : Buckle up a big CHUNKY brown belt on your waist. This basically HYPES up everything. 😉


Grab your favourite brown leather bag. Preferably brown, and friendly because when traveling, i bet everyone like their stuff to be easy-access.


And this time, when it all comes together, it should look something like this. See it coming now? 🙂

As for the makeup, keep it really simple. You might be in a mood to be adventurous in a foreign country, but that doesn’t mean you have to be adventurous with your (eye) makeup!


What i did was to highlight only certain points of my eye in a shimmering gold, curl me lashes, and apply mascara.

Points of eye to highlight :

  • Center of the eye, above pupil when lids are closed
  • Below the arch of your eyebrows
  • Inner corner of the eyes


Swipe on bronzer at the apples of your cheeks. This will add a sunset touch to your face frame.


Spray on CK one Summer. Ha ha.. That’s me. Whenever i wear something of this hue, i MUST use CK one Summer. lol


And there you go. 8) <- Yes, you can wear your shades if you want, i broke my brown one T_T


Wear Gisele Bunchen sandals in gold / brown! i don’t think i would wanna wear heels if i was traveling. My style, is always comfort first, then beauty, with a touch of sexciness. Try it!!


And there you go, red carpet girl~ i hope you enjoy this Fête ♥ à Paris look so far.

i shall end this post with a very nice song i’m sure you’ll fall in love with, to put you in that Paris mood ^_^ It’s the soundtrack from Ratatouille :

Now you know how to say i ♥ you with the way you dress! x

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  1. You have been travelling so much that your skin look a bit dry. Do take care. In my heart you are always the perfect princess. Like your watch very much.

  2. wah sexay and romanticnya. =D

  3. are you seducing someone? =P

    1. huh, what made u say so? lol~

  4. Nice and beautiful post…

    But one thing is that Paris is so overrated. Dirty streets, filled with pickpockets, etc

    1. nvm, just use it as a theme only. hehehe!

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