The Real Cura Box™

Hi all!

Today I’m gonna show you what a Cura Box™ is.

Well, Cura means cure in Spanish, and Box basically means box! -_____-

It all started out when I got a brown woven box from Mom,


and began to write this post about nail painting.

If you have not realized, I label all my blog entries about beauty & fashion under “Cura Box™”. It is my favourite label amongst others. 😀

Today this box has evolved into something bigger (because I know I would spend a lot of time creating blog entries around it). It has now become my favourite corner in my suite!

First a box, now a corner; which means bigger ‘box’! I chose to revamp THIS part of my room for the transformation :



So very messy FML.



THAT’s more like it! My reeaaalll eye candy. 😀

This project will not have come true if not for my Mom & Dad.

I told Mom about this problem I have (the furniture arrangements in my chamber were not very strategic) and so Mum told Dad about it, and we all went to IKEA – where all dreams come true. lol


Picture taken using my berry.

I told myself that the man I marry has to at LEAST promise me a walk-in closet this big or I’d rather be an old virgin.

On a random note, if not a wedding planner or kindergarten Speech & Drama teacher, my dream is to work in IKEA. That’s how much I love it! – I (really, seriously, honestly) don’t mind going there to work every day.


Anyway, 1 major problem with my room was, there ain’t no dressing table. I did all my makeup sitting on a carpet in front of a mirror. So when I saw this beautiful dressing table :


I want to have it too!

Picture taken using my berry 8520. It’s so easy having a berry. You know sometimes, you just don’t feel like carrying a camera around (furniture shopping)? Please. Haha!

But you’ll never know if you need to use a camera; so this is where my berry comes in. Any phones can take pictures, but with berry, I can TwitPic it to my followers on-the-spot OR send it thru BBM to my other friends who has a berry phone. Berry good! xD

But on the other hand, berry is not berry berry good if you don’t have the #xpaxbigfreekinsale plan. Just by reloading RM20 bucks (or more), you get 50% off calls, 50% off downloads, and FREE Blackberry access! Sounds like a good plan to me~ ^^

Back at home…

The first thing Dad did was to FIX THE TABLE!


Me & my feet kaka caucau buat kacau.


It wasn’t easy; fixing this thing.


There is a manual to study,


Different screws of shapes & sizes…


Dad thought of ‘carpenting’ on the fler’s own box so he doesn’t scratch the tiles. Good idea.  ^^


Setting up the skeleton.


WHEE!!! 😀 Almost there~


Hole for the mirror pole.


Maid helped dad with the carpenting.




This is how the drawers’ handle looks like. So cute!


Pulling off the ugly blue protector sticker – I find this to be the most fun part of the whole process lol. Easiest too.

* * *

Next you’ll need a stool that is NOT so heavy, & a furry carpet underneath the table possibly.


Mom chose this cute cube. Even pink baby loves it.  ^o^

You’ll also need good lighting to create good makeup looks on your canvas.


Get one using bulbs please. The ones using hydrogen are heat-y and they give you freckles in the long run as they have UV ray. Dad chose this one for me. 🙂

I like how this ‘project’ was like a team work thing – I chose my fav dressing table, Mom picked the stool, Dad got the lamp… Bergotong-royong amalan mulia! Hahahahahahahah…

Now on How to Make Your Own Cura Box™, you will need 5 things.

1. Cards


X’mas cards, birthday cards, thank you notes; ALL the cards you had ever received. Take them all out and stick them on 1 side (1 side is enough) of your box’s wall with masking tape.

Why masking tape? Unlike Scotch or double-faced tapes, masking tapes do not tear off your paint. Never trust anything with two faces. -_____-

2. Your baby picture in a frame


For nostalgic purposes. Don’t ask me what for JUST PUT IT and you’ll understand why.

3. Perfume bottles

It’s just classic.


So just do it.


Here I have too many I had to keep some in the drawers *POTONG STIM!*

4. Charm bracelet / Your favourite accessory


It was when Thomas Sabo first came to Malaysia I saw the spread of charms they have in a shiny glass box @ Bangsar with Jeremy. Amongst so many designs, somehow this charm stood out. It has a heart hanging inside the cura treasure box!; which is now lost somewhere out there.  )))=

I accidentally squealed seeing how beauty it was & the next thing I know, I got it for Christmas. yay~ <3

Anyway, there you go. 5 things you need to have your own Cura Box™. This is how mine looks like,


What about yours? (:

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  1. Still don’t understand why the picture. Hehe, maybe cuz I’m a guy?? Haha. Anyways, never knew about the masking tape, I only knew those 3M stuff won’t peel off the paint only, din noe masking tape oso can

    1. 3M? now it’s my turn not to know what a 3M is. lol

  2. OMG! i went to Ikea today and i actually took the exact same pic and exact same place where you stood of the walk in wardrob! I WANT to build that in my next home! It will be a dream come true! 🙂

    I also saw your dressing table. I’m shopping for one too. Unfortunately i haven’t come across anything that i really fell in love with yet. 🙁

    1. WOW! coincidence ey~ yea a walk in closet is a dream MUST made to come true. take your time searching for it. u will def 5d one. 😉

  3. manyak cantek~

  4. beautiful

  5. The pic of you when you were young, so cute.
    Small and already so good in posing.

    1. that’s y! my mum or dad asked me to pose like ‘lonely’ lololol

  6. Beautiful! But white need wipe them often.

    1. hmm.. not really. it’s not like i’m eating on my dressing table. xD

  7. So sweet. Envy much.

  8. me? i dont even make up! LOL =P

    1. then u can save $$!!

  9. I spotted a BeautyTalk tube thingy in one of ur pic. Wats that for? Skincare for?

    1. it’s an eye gel. got it from SaSa

  10. so nice~~so envy got such a nice place…make up also will feel damn happy..hahaha..

    1. that’s the whole point! cuz i spend a lot of time putting on makeup lol!

      1. agree agree…hahaha

  11. Im also looking for a dressing table, difficult to look to find one thats big, pretty and of course affordable one! I like your room design so pretty eh !! Now I am saving to get one but most of my time money spend on traveling! Scarify ~ ._.!

    U young young already pandai post oh!!!

    p/s: how much you bought the dressing table?

    1. haha! i bought the table, lamp n stool total about 1000+ 😉

  12. Soo nice! 🙂 The sweet blue curtains somehow stand out more than the rest. wth <3

    1. kan? i didn’t wanna get white cuz then nothing stands out. ^^

  13. i beh tahan ur young time pandai pose d le wei…hahaha…too much too much ;p

    1. Y too much! HA HA HA~

      1. since small practice become model d ler..kakaka

      2. that’s y! HAHAHA~

  14. remind me to tidy up my dressing table.. ;-p

    1. u just reminded yourself 😉

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