16 Things to Tick Off Before Planning A Pregnancy

What to EAT & DO & Before Making A Baby

(Written in the 1st trimester.)

If someone asked what’s the biggest sacrifice pregnancy demands from me, it would be how it destroyed my love relationship with food. It felt like a betrayal, eating hard-boiled yolk on my beloved chili pan mee. Illegal & Trump-like, to eat well-done picanha. Awkward to not have a glass of vino alongside a delicious plate of pasta on a date night. Every time I walk past an oysters & champagne bar, I deeply regret why it didn’t cross my mind to slurp 5 dozens of them with bubbly before making a baby.

Aside from giving up the food I love, hate developed its fair share in the form of cooking. What used to be my favorite past time, became my biggest nightmare. So much so that I tried my very best to avoid grocery shopping because it literally made me cringe.

Coriander, which I heaped on Asian soups, was & still is my #1 enemy. Ever since I had a bowl of my own macaroni soup where chicken breast traveled back up my throat, I seriously contemplated banning that horrible hormone tasting protein for life. Once I stir-fried a plate of pad see ew the way I always did it, spat out a piece of beef (well-marinated, mind you), & decided I can’t trust my own cooking. On both occasions, I looked over at É, who happily wiped his bowl/plate clean with no qualms.

“Don’t you think it’s gross?”, I asked.

Him emphatically, “I think it’s just you . . .”

As the months slowly went by, I came to realize on my rest bed all the things I should have done before getting into this game. So I made a list for future new mothers of the things to eat & do before trying to get pregnant. The next time I get pregnant again (if I do), hell I’ll make sure I do them all! (except for the very last one, which I think the chance is gone). 


Pre-Pregnancy Eat List:

  • Chili pan mee with a RUNNY yolk (the above is what I have now).
  • Half-boiled eggs with kaya butter toast + Hainanese coffee.
  • More coffee &/or teas.
  • All the desserts in the world. What I really miss is the sinful affogato specifically paired with cognac ice cream at The Ice Cream Bar @ Desa Sri Hartamas.
  • The best steak in town, topped with foie gras if you please.
  • Jamón & prosciutto – I’d buy them at the deli in bulk instead of having only a few slices at the restaurants.
  • Oysters & champagne with your lover or best friend.
  • Sashimi – I used to be a fan but was definitely grossed out during the 1st trimester.


Pre-Pregnancy Do List:

(or you’d have to wait another 3 to >9 months)

  • A 2-hour Thai massage + wicked foot massage.
  • Get your hair color fixed – if you would be against it during pregnancy. Me ain’t.
  • Eyebrow embroidery – although I did mine in Week 8, after much research & finding an experienced beautician who can ensure no bleeding.
  • More trips to the cinema before you start needing to pee ever so often. 
  • Any trips involving boats & planes. 
  • If you are an active person, go get all that adrenaline out – a good run, gymming, rock climbing, weight-lifting – you never know what complications your pregnancy might bring. 
  • Wine night at a jazz bar. 
  • Gather your girlfriends & party the hell out at Zouk – especially before your 1st pregnancy!


P.S. While having all that fun, be mindful of what you consume (e.g. sugar & alcohol) to give your baby the best possible healthy ‘home’, that is your body, before s/he comes. 

Mommies, did I miss out anything? 

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