Hello May


Even by being an avid blogger with a loyal resolution to blog as frequent as every two days, towards the end of April (and 4 days late for this series’s ritual in May), I’ve been M.I.A. more than ever. I think I’ve got a good reason for it though: getting married.

Today onwards I am writing to you as a legally married woman and that is kinda like a big deal to me, because the changes within I feel. My feelings I’m saving for the next post.

For now, we’ve been touring Malaysia since the past 10 days; taking É’s parents around to see the country and we ain’t stopping till the 8th. I’m truly enjoying the company of my new family.

Nonetheless, I just took 2 hours off to reminisce the magical whirlwind and to throw my glance forward towards May, with hopes that it may treat us kinder than ever. Here are 5 things I look forward to this month:

1. Visit Nepal – Because it will be my first trip out of Malaysia this year; a fact that actually makes me sad.

2. Slowing down – Since É and I got married, we haven’t stop for a sec to enjoy our newly ‘promoted’ relationship as a couple.

3. Sharing pictures of our ROM – I’ve received them from our photographer and they exceed my expectations! More on that soon.

4. Finish reading a leftover book – It has been +2 years now since I picked up Cloud Atlas which I dragged because it’s URGH, but give up I shall not – no one should.

5. Be a better wife – I still can’t believe my status has changed, my responsibility heightened and how weird the sound ‘wife’ is to me now that I am one. There are few things I believe I could have perfected before committing, yet I accept the fact that no one has to be flawless to be married or we’d all be cougars in white dresses. This is the month for me to ponder and reflect on things I can improve as a person while enjoying our new relationship.


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  1. Congrats cindy… enjoying the journey of being someone wife ya..

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