Tim Tam SLAM!


When i was studying at Tasmania, i weighed 55KG. It is perhaps hard for one to imagine how light / heavy that actually is for a girl my size, so let me put it this way. A month ago i was 45KG. The secret to gaining weight was easy. The answer: Tim Tams!


{50 OZ dollars worth of Tim Tams… all MINE! :twisted:}

My addiction to Tim Tam was serious to a somewhat sickly extent. Ai Rene (my then room mate) and i would always have a packet of Tim Tam nicely placed on a pre-loved wooden table between our beds as if it were a bouquet of fresh flowers. Before going to bed (with our brushed teeth), someone would ask somebody “Should i eat one?“, and the answer was always a “Yes!“; and so we ate some (almost) every night. In the morning, (with our unbrushed teeth), someone would ask somebody “Should i eat one?“, and the answer was always a “Yes!“; and so we ate some (almost) every morning. One day we weighed ourselves and realized how round we had become… and we banned that ritual forever. Being a Tim Tam lover, allow me to share with you a somewhat different way to eat these ‘additives’:


{1. Get a piece of Tim Tam (better when chilled in the refrigerator beforehand)}


{2. Take two small bites off the corners as shown above}


{3. Dip one corner into a glass of milk and use it as a ‘straw’}

Some of you might know this already but to those of you who don’t, i’ve (excitedly) made a video just to show you how! Mainly because i would never understand how a chocolate wafer can be used as a straw if someone told me so. Therefore, here is a short and sweet video made just for you:

p.s. this is my first time editing / ‘tightening’ my videos so please be kind


And with this picture, i shall end my Tim Tam story. 😆

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