älskar dig ❤

No matter how much we do or pursue, we are still missing out many things in life.

But if i could choose, the one and only thing i never wanna lose, is the moments i get to treasure…


with you.

We are all busy creatures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find love around the corners of your day.

Finding the right one is harder than love itself, so why not put in a lil’ bit of effort to show your partner some affection? 🙂


Stealing is a crime, but stealing a sticky note from the office won’t harm anyone.


Or maybe two sticky notes, won’t harm anyone. 😉

Stick ’em in the fridge, PS3 game covers; hidden places that are frequently ‘visited’.

Imagine yourself finding one in your closet. i’m sure that’s enough to keep you smiling all day, especially if you’re a girl.


If you happen to get into a big fight once in a while, don’t fret.

Fights are normal and in fact important in every relationship. They open your eyes, teach you how to communicate better, and make you wiser as you both learn to make the relationship better. And better.


You don’t need to have Teardrops on your Guitar like Taylor Swift to keep a beautiful spark flicker throughout your Love Story.

Sometimes, a few dimes is all it costs. Pictures and postcards with words from the heart make the best sonnets because it should be your story.


Above all, i believe the most important thing is to find someone whose personality fit yours, or you would spend the rest of your life trying to change a beautiful person you can’t accept. In the end, what’s left is a marriage that’s only on paper and a house, not a home.

Being loved should always feel like a warm embrace around your heart; that lifts a smile on your face so effortlessly, and knowing this hand you’re holding is yours; body and soul.

When it comes to love, eternity does not mean forever. It exists only when two people treasure their time spent together.

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  1. well written girl.. can’t be anymore agree than this! 😉

  2. well done cindy ! such a simple theory but not much people
    truly understand this.

    1. thank you! i guess some really don’t, some keep forgetting. >.<

  3. awww. this is so sweet! and totally agree! 🙂

    1. lil things we all know but always tend to forget (including me sometimes)! XD

  4. gud sharing! SO SWEEETTTT

    1. glad that u liked it! 😉

  5. awww..sweet 🙂 sometimes love is easy to forget & reality bites..aww..:)

    1. it’s true! don’t u agree? ;D

  6. lets put sticky notes all over KL!

    1. so romantic this idea. seriously!

  7. Beautifully written ! Touched my heart and inspired me 😀 If only my bf and I aren’t going through a long-distance relationship T.T It’s hardddddd

    1. sigh~ LDR is a bit more susah… ):

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