L♥ve & Singleh♥♥d.

November has always been the month of celebrations for me. Usually, good things happen in this month. But like all things, what comes around goes around and December will come by to gimme a sexC whip in the butt! OU YEAH~

i’ve celebrated 23 most meaningless forlorn Christmases, but 23 very festive birthdays. This is not my birthday post, but it falls on the lovely 2111 this weekend. Anyway, here’s our new definition of 3D. 8)

1. Dinner


November greetings from Cinderella | Red Ruby | Eri Berry !!!


@ the land of Pinchos.

We took many pictures as it was our night to celebrate love & singlehood!


Me in my favourite blue dress & Ruby in her red carpet number.


And of course i got Mr. Alejandro to order the best tapas for us.


i ♥ tapas! i swear if i marry a Spanish man i would learn how to make all kinds of tapas that ever existed. ha ha!!

Since a|x was the only male in our clan, we devoured him as much as we could. It was hard not to hurt him…




After dinner, it was time for some ______

2. Drinks


Cocktails, baybeh~!


My sexc biatches!!


Gin & Tonic.


Cheers for love!!!

After dinner & drinks, came :

3. Dance


@ Elixir,


@ Zouk.


On the dance floor, where kisses are trade. xoxo! 

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  1. Last Pic is hot! But maybe not suitable for underage or
    they get wrong impression. Hahahaha. Maybe a bit of note
    is required. Hahahahha

    Daily Comic Strips about Office & Offshore Strips

    1. thats y the post is labeled 21SX. hahaha

  2. spotted us KISSING ouch..

  3. Love your cardigan. 🙂 Where did you get it from?

    1. Topshop! i think still got FASTER go buyyy!!

  4. AX is so lucky to be surrounded by you girls 😛

    1. haha! but i think he feels a bit ‘bu kuan’..

  5. ouch, Eri should smile naturally lar despite the braces. Njoy the braces timing cause you’ll miss it when it’s gone soon! :p Pejam celik den gone d! hehehe

      1. Dengar tu Eri?! See~ braces are cute!

      2. she will never agree with u this lifetime… lol >.<

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