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Krabi : Phra Nang

While Elizabeth Gilbert wisely chose three staple words in life: Eat, Pray, Love, i believe the habitants surrounding Phra Nang also known as ‘Penis Island’ have long since lived by the three words: God, Love, Penis. First you pray to God in order to find Love, which then presents you a Penis to provide you with children. It is believed that a Princess Goddess named Phra Nang who lives on this island […]

Krabi : Koh Phi Phi

You can be rest assured that a location is close to paradise especially if Leonardo diCaprio was filmed in a Hollywood movie there! Anyone remember Maya Bay, where The Beach was shot? Psychotic Richard; making love to Françoise by the beach, the towering light house, notion of parallel universe . . . i’m glad it wasn’t such a dramatic experience for us. Girls just wanna have fun! Like it or not, more bikini […]

Krabi : Viking Cave

After a day exploring Ao Nang, we embarked on an island hopping adventure the very next. Such is a wise arrangement if you ask me. From Bamboo Island, we took a boat across the narrow sea passages towards Viking Cave. One can not get more natural ‘beach hair waves’ than this! Sea water to wash, salt scrub / spa for the scalp, sun for shiny gloss . . . more […]

Krabi : Bamboo Island

This piece of paradise is one of the most beautiful beaches i’ve been to so far (and i mean it). Our second day at Krabi was all about the triple S : sun, sand and sea. We lathered sunblock on each other’s back; laughing in between, allowed the tranquil scenery to steal a breath or two away from us, took turns to play photographer for our personal bikini shoots . […]

Krabi : Diary

As much as i love fashion (wearing, talking, obsessing about it), truth is, i love travel more. It takes me a lot of guts to admit this to you, but if i really had to choose one – ‘Live to Travel’ versus ‘Life on the Fashion Lane’, i’d definitely go for the first. What about you? Having that said, i am taking the ‘travel’ out of this site, to tune […]