Chasing Weekends


Today officially begins my new life. 17 days belonging to 2016 had passed and to be honest, I just let them.

The reason why I couldn’t start anew as a whole, was due to the fact that I was fighting a very bad cold and at the same time, serving my notice as a full-timer at a digital agency. Now I will be working part-time; which means I have more time to build myself and the life sectors I want to focus on. W-I-N!

As last Friday was my ‘last day’, the weekend was spent equally between relaxing and partying with very minimal use of the brain – a great way to celebrate an end.

Local mondays have always cast something blue on me. The only difference is whether it is a dark or brighter blue, but today is a special Monday because I ain’t feelin’ no blue at all. I feel bright.

While my 10 New Year Resolutions echo more on the soulful side, I know that for them to stick, a plan has to be installed – with discipline to follow. (P.S. Got yours ready?)

I hope we can start to see a few good changes in this space and I’m really excited. Chasing Weekends is a new series addition to the Diary section of my blog, as an occasional alternative to the weekend installment of 5 Cinspirations.

It is inspired by the busy life É and I lived last year, where it got so (for lack of a better word) bad, all we did was work, eat, forget, and live to wait for the weekends to arrive. We were each other’s home, yet we never truly felt at home.

Those were the weeks that taught me the wrong way of living. To live is to savor moments. To live is to be connected. To live is to feel alive.

With that lesson in mind, I am determined to turn things around for a better, happier lifestyle starting this week as a woman, fiancée, daughter and friend.

This new series shares with you fragments of my weekly diary, and also serves as a reminder to look back in order not to lose track of life again, while still keeping this space intimate and personal.

How do you chase weekends?


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