My Dreamgirl : Press Conference

i thought it would be easier to keep my blog updated when i’m back from overseas but i guess i was [completely] wrong. i abandoned Cin City throughout the weekend since i came back, i feel very terribly bad about it. )=

i realized that i’ve gone wayyy too far off track lately. now it’s time to get back on the train before i missed it again. this time i can do it without waitin’ at the platform. i’m walkin’ on the tracks till i see a train, then i’ll just hop on and see where it takes me…


today i’m updating this blog with my last post about the makeover show i got into called My Dreamgirl. here is what happened before the press conference -


makeover for everyone.


my makeup was done in a pretty minimalistic way. earthy tones, very matte. i ♥ the glossy nude lips my makeup artiste gave me.


with Michelle. i’ve known Mich for yearsss. i once got into a variety game show when i was 19; it was like a talent competition. i did a small act with the guess artiste then and won some unmemorable prizes.

however, what’s there better to treasure is to know Michelle, cuz i bump into her ‘everywhere’ i go lol! i repeat, everywhere. And it’s always nice to wave hello at someone you knew, to have them wave back at you with a smile (:


BEFORE hair makeover.


having my hair done by my favourite hair guru, Tony. super lucky estrella is me!


a picture AFTER hair makeover with our official photographer.


with the beautiful girls~


Xiao Kai lao shi!!! JEALOUS OR NOT?? hahahaha, i’m crazy about his height.


our kawaii host with anime eyes @_@


being interviewed about how i feel and all that. it’s always about the heart isn’t it.


i look like i’m about to pee. sshhh!


Kelvin Lee. love this pic!


with my anime eyes on = coloured contacts. makes a difference to my ‘world’.


at the dressing table, while waiting to go on stage and to be exposed to the media & camera flashes.

okay~ that’s all for today. i will update Cin City daily this week as a replacement for the lack of updates last weekend. come back to check out the Bali Babes’s beekeenee pictures! 8)

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    1. finally posted liau ahahaha!!!

  1. Hurry I’m bore to death!!!

  2. The toot toot train will take you to Spain,
    with minimal make up, you can pass for a
    japanese gal loh.

    1. when i went to Bali, they kept konichiwa me FTL!

  3. Hi There,

    we’re sharing the same name..By the way u look very pretty good luck in MY DREAM GIRL!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! lol same name *hi5!

  4. Lolz…your pic with the hair tied up somehow reminds
    me of the Street Fighter character Chun Li… lolz :-)

    1. Chun Li ikat dua lah!!! not meh~ :P

  5. sorry, this is random.
    Don’t mind if I ask, what brand are you currently using for
    eye make-up remover? I can’t seem to find a comfortable one
    or a suitable one. Any recommendations?

    Thanks ! :)

  6. whoops. sorry, pls disregard my comment. didn’t know you’ve
    replied me in ur previous post.
    Thanks babe! :)

    1. no worries ahahahahahaa/// :D

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