A Shucking Good Time

Last Saturday throughout the golden hours, É and I went on a date shucking free flow oysters and sipping white wine at a tasting event. As it was an early evening, I chose something breezy, casual yet dressy enough to go with the seaside food theme. A white lacy playsuit paired with hints of gold highlight was exactly how I felt like. I absolutely love how this one-piece showcases sexc back in the […]

This is my last post on Kuala Terengganu labeled under AWOL (Absent W/Out Leave). Well I took leaves but I thought it would sound more mischievous and fun to have a category for all my travel entries labeled as such. No more weddings this time. It is all about the F-O-O-D. Where to get the best Nasi Dagang, keropok lekor, kepok keping… My mum is a Terengganu-ian so don’t worry! […]

Kemaman Stuffed Crabs

A month before last Wednesday, 20th Jan, I applied for leaves to attend my eldest cousin Yen’s wedding at Kuala Terengganu. Everyone had been talking about it for years and when the day finally arrived, God aren’t we happy people! As usual, I NEVER get enough sleep a day before I travel. It seems to be something I can’t improve on. We had so many bags and boxes they filled […]