A Shucking Good Time

Last Saturday throughout the golden hours, É and I went on a date shucking free flow oysters and sipping white wine at a tasting event. As it was an early evening, I chose something breezy, casual yet dressy enough to go with the seaside food theme. A white lacy playsuit paired with hints of gold highlight was exactly how I felt like. I absolutely love how this one-piece showcases sexc back in the […]

During my stay in Pokhara, I had the same breakfast spread 3 days in a row. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, yet there was something about the beans (and side potatoes) that made the usual Big Breakfast more special. It carried a distinct taste that brought me all the way back to Sri Lanka. On the last morning, I couldn’t resist the temptation to ask the chefs their secret. The ambiguous […]

Purradise Cat Cafe

With the new move, É being away and ROM in planning, I felt like I needed a break from the accumulating stress. I longed admiringly for a one week vacation to Amsterdam, but as I didn’t have the chance to plan it in advance, the trip would cost me too much now. What did I turn to before I go crazy? {Cat therapy. Or should I just rename it as ‘Catheraphy’} […]

Loving Me: On Food

For years, my job at work is about whipping up creative campaigns for brands that aim to make a presence in the world of social media. On 19th March 2016, a sudden thought came to mind. While sipping juice at a bar, I thought I’d like to create a campaign for myself this year called, ‘Loving Me’. Living Healthy with A Happening Lifestyle ‘Loving Me’ is about making wiser decisions in […]

One of my 2016 resolutions is to add more diverse content within the 6 categories of my blog. Under ‘Food’, aside from recipes, I think it’d be a fun idea to include reviews of my favorite restaurants. Most of them come highly recommended by my parents (hardcore foodies who drive around the nation in search for the best [insert dish here] and trust me, they would settle for nothing less) […]

嬷嬷炒 Sotong

I am pretty sure we all have that ONE dish we can count on to accompany a bowl of hot steamed rice and call it a meal. For me, I’m lucky to have more than just a few – but there is one classic dish that would even make my day after work: my grandma’s stir fry squids; which only takes 5 minutes in the wok and 10 minutes to […]

Blue Elephant

There is a restaurant in Phuket that won a no.1 spot in my heart. I fell in love with a dish I never thought would surprise me and it’s called Massaman Lamb. It is, I believe, THE BEST MASSAMAN IN THE WORLD. That is a huge statement to make, so you can imagine how loved up I was, and still am. {Don’t you wish this was your living room? I certainly […]