Shopping Tips When Traveling

It is hard to separate women from shopping when they’re traveling. However, as we all know, it is different when shopping at a foreign country versus our own – the currency is different, there is Value Added Tax (VAT), sometimes haggling is required . . . Recently, I was invited by Bella @ NTV7 as one of the panel travel bloggers to share my traveling tips on the show. Mine […]

Featured: Star 2

Another featured story this year, this time in The Star newspaper! Published early August when I grabbed the newspaper fresh from the bookstore on the very same day, but only managed to scan it through now. For more pictures and details on what it is about, read my story on Lucky Sweethearts here.  

Featured: 3 Looks

{spot me?} i contributed another article freshly up at P&G’s Everyday Me pretty website on 3 Looks that Inspire. For those who find themselves torn between spending 300 bucks on a dress or a one-way holiday ticket (hi five!), this might be just what you’re looking for. Keep these easy tricks on style and beauty in your pocket. Trust me, they go a long way . . .  

Taste Prosperity

My Chinese New Year Special article contribution to P&G’s Everyday Me website is now out! This is my 5th addition and this time, we are baking irresistible pineapple tarts. It makes me feel happy and even a bit proud, if i may admit, to see my own pieces in the site and to know that my writing receives some sort of ‘recognition’ by a brand so big and respectable. Head […]

Little China

Here’s a quickie, just like how quick time flies and today means half of January is gone. If you feel like you’re still living in 2013, Chinese New Year will give you another chance to restart and celebrate again. For now i shall leave you with two pictures of me in a cheongsam while emceeing a fengshui event – You’re welcome to find its relevance with this post. Tomorrow promises a […]

Christmas Candyland

X’mas is just a couple of days away and while i’d love to share with you what we’re doing this year, i’ve decided to keep all dinner party details a surprise for our guests. Instead, here’s what i missed out last year early December, where i emceed W’s X’mas Candyland campaign that was packed with loads of fun and laughter. What better way than to celebrate Christmas with miss universes […]