Christmas is everything it should be this year. First of all, I am most grateful to be celebrating in a house where there is so much warmth and love, despite being seven thousand miles away from home. It is a season about family gatherings and I can’t imagine a better way to bond with my new family – cooking in the Gomes kitchen; peeling potatoes and tasting bacalhau, sitting by an actual fireplace […]

Classic Christmas Menu

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner and I’m so excited to celebrate with my big family. This year we’re celebrating at my aunt’s instead of throwing one of our own like this. To those who are planning to organize a Christmas dinner this year, here I’ve rounded up a crowd pleasing, classic menu that is definitely a winner. Just click on the respective […]

i usually don’t blog about events unless they are paid advertorials, but seeing posts after posts about our Rosemary Christmas preparation, decorations, and recipes, really – how can i skip the event itself? This last Christmas post of mine is about the people and fun moments. We had a pretty diverse clique, and they are all very pretty indeed! Starting with a very pictorial introduction of our handsome, beautiful (and even […]

Hot Choc Station

Our drink menu for Christmas consists of eggnog, beer, wine, whiskey, and . . . hot cocoa for the kids! When i was a child, i used to watch adults drink alcohol beverages during celebrations; staring in awe wondering “Why can’t i do the same?“. That feeling of being left out continued to bug me for years and honestly, i didn’t like how that feel. Since we had my little cousin […]

Santa Hat Brownies

To be honest with you, my mother, ‘Chef’ Moi baked these brownies for Christmas. We reserved the sweet tooth department for her, as we had no time for experiments nor space for mistakes. Same goes for our pie orders. We did the fun part: DECORATING! i came across this idea while collecting inspirations on Pinterest and thought it was incredibly adorable. Here’s how you wear Santa hats onto normal brownies. Gotta […]

Turkey Business

When you roast a turkey, you are in for a serious business. Right now you are seeing the bird that made us sweat like pigs; the hero of the night that made us heroes, a star made by . . . champions. (Ehem!) Might sound like i’m exaggerating, but I DO feel like a proud mother having done this baby right. 8) Here’s what i learned: When in doubt and if […]

Creamed Brussels Sprouts

As it was my very first time planning a Christmas dinner, i wanted to keep the menu as traditional and classic as possible. After doing much research, i realized that brussels sprouts is one of the must-have trimmings to accompany Miss Turkey. This recipe that i found from BBC’s website is one of the most easiest dishes i ever made, yet still promising good taste. i must warn you though, that […]