Rosemary Placement Cards

This year i hosted a Christmas dinner for the very first time and the process was definitely a thrill. Prep-ping for the one night only event started as early as November, when i created a new board on Pinterest specially just for Christmas; pinning every tiny detail that i wanted to include for our guests. After gathering much inspirations, we decided to go with the theme ‘rosemary rustic‘. This little […]

Birthday Planner

Surprise birthday parties are fun things to throw when planned well and ahead. The journey pleasant, and the results rewarding. However, when done last minute it could be the most regrettable, havoc nightmare. Hence, i’ve decided to come out with a basic organized plan that i can use annually. Some may like to do it on paper, but as i am always on the go, i made use of my iNotes […]

+ = Sometimes all it takes to add some sparks into a space-too-familiar is by simply adding in a *new* element, just like how this net light does its brilliant trick. Initially, i thought they were ugly. Correction – They never caught my attention to begin with. It was not until i saw a western couple eyeing on them for the past 15 minutes while i was shopping for this instead. In […]


Exactly a month ago a|x and i celebrated our 1st anniversary. A month before our anniversary, i was already scrambling around town looking for “the perfect gift” – something that could celebrate us everyday instead of a stodgy watch, wallet, perfume, or a bunch of hoary underwear. A week before the special day, it hit me that there are no shops selling gifts that are designed for specific couples. Aware […]

the game with no rules

i pre-planned a|x’s birthday celebration half a year before the day arrived. if you think that’s exaggerated, it’s because the theme came to me instead of the other way round. If there’s one thing you don’t know about a|x, it is the fact that he loves chess. That’s right, chess! Now can you guess the theme for his birthday? Sometimes the simplest things could be the hardest to do. My initial […]

25 pieces of love

Before a|x left to Spain for Easter, i decided to make him a little something to remember me by. If there is something i’m weak at, it has got to be goodbyes. But somehow, this tiny fella made me believe that he carried a piece of me with him onto that plane. Making this gift was an enjoyable process. It was like going back to being 10 and attending art class. […]