There are brands you like, then they are brands you love. IKEA is one of the latter – so much I’d actually be proud to have a job there! So imagine my excitement when I learned that a newer, bigger, version is opening at Jalan Cochrane, Cheras. I was frenzied; even more so when I was chosen to partake in their influencer event.  {Breakfast at The Biggest Housewarming Party in Malaysia} {Follow […]

{A clock to watch the time – for those who enjoy their shower time a tad too much . . . just a tad} My mind wanders aimlessly into grey skies right in front of my closed eyes, yet i can see everything that is lying ahead of me – the smiling deep orange flower; it’s blunt stem ever so slightly buried under a thin layer of sand i flew […]

+ = Sometimes all it takes to add some sparks into a space-too-familiar is by simply adding in a *new* element, just like how this net light does its brilliant trick. Initially, i thought they were ugly. Correction – They never caught my attention to begin with. It was not until i saw a western couple eyeing on them for the past 15 minutes while i was shopping for this instead. In […]

{the picture that won my parents a prize in a baby photo contest. i was 1} i’ve spent immeasurable amount of time, money, and effort decorating my room at the Beverly Hills of KL (as i would love to call it), but i’ve never forgotten the room that built me back at my small hometown. It has walls that are washed pink that shines with a temperate dose of gloss […]

Summerset Dreams

To me, one of the simple pleasures in life comes with having the passion of decorating your own personal space with things that you love (no, tidying up your room doesn’t count). After weeks of figuring out the it place to hang these cute light bulbs balls i discovered from a random street market at Bangkok, i’m finally proud to showcase you the new addition to my ‘blogging office’. i […]

As promised, here is another feature of me and Cin City for October (this time in The Star under property). If you ever wondered how my crib looks like, this entry is dedicated specially for you. i am not gonna elaborate much here today, as this is the article you should be reading. In contrary to yesterday’s post, the write-up actually makes me feel good and proud about myself and what i’ve […]

A Pink C

As promised, here is a better post than the weekend’s. Somehow i have a believe that everyone goes out on weekends instead of staying home and read my blog, so i usually plog (picture blog) instead of blog. i am no exception myself. i’ve been out and about with my family for the past 2 weeks. Even if we’re just staying home, we’re either in front of the TV laughing […]