Moving In

I can take a month off from life, but a week of absence from my blog means something serious to me. Fortunately, I have a reason good enough to dissolve the guilt of being M.I.A, and it is good news too! The past week, É and I have been moving in to our new apartment. It is a central yet serene place we discovered together on foot while exploring new grounds […]

Christmas is everything it should be this year. First of all, I am most grateful to be celebrating in a house where there is so much warmth and love, despite being seven thousand miles away from home. It is a season about family gatherings and I can’t imagine a better way to bond with my new family – cooking in the Gomes kitchen; peeling potatoes and tasting bacalhau, sitting by an actual fireplace […]

There are brands you like, then they are brands you love. IKEA is one of the latter – so much I’d actually be proud to have a job there! So imagine my excitement when I learned that a newer, bigger, version is opening at Jalan Cochrane, Cheras. I was frenzied; even more so when I was chosen to partake in their influencer event.  {Breakfast at The Biggest Housewarming Party in Malaysia} {Follow […]

Classic Christmas Menu

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner and I’m so excited to celebrate with my big family. This year we’re celebrating at my aunt’s instead of throwing one of our own like this. To those who are planning to organize a Christmas dinner this year, here I’ve rounded up a crowd pleasing, classic menu that is definitely a winner. Just click on the respective […]

Halloween Party Ideas

As I am not a fan of anything horror-related, Halloween has never been my favorite celebration of the year. But this coincidental little celebration in Cambodia really rocked and turned things around for me . . . I stayed at a cosy guesthouse named Rosy, a little accommodation place run by an Australian couple (if I’m not mistaken). As they have kids, the whole place was decorated in such a friendly […]

i usually don’t blog about events unless they are paid advertorials, but seeing posts after posts about our Rosemary Christmas preparation, decorations, and recipes, really – how can i skip the event itself? This last Christmas post of mine is about the people and fun moments. We had a pretty diverse clique, and they are all very pretty indeed! Starting with a very pictorial introduction of our handsome, beautiful (and even […]

Hot Choc Station

Our drink menu for Christmas consists of eggnog, beer, wine, whiskey, and . . . hot cocoa for the kids! When i was a child, i used to watch adults drink alcohol beverages during celebrations; staring in awe wondering “Why can’t i do the same?“. That feeling of being left out continued to bug me for years and honestly, i didn’t like how that feel. Since we had my little cousin […]