It has been exactly a month since É and I registered our marriage and it still feels surreal (every time we use the word ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ we end up laughing at each other or with a smile lingering around our lips). I don’t know if such magic eventually wears off; most probably in reality, so today I thought I’d list down my 5 favorite moments from our ROM as […]

A bride would know that quite a lot actually goes into hiring the right photographer for her wedding. Researches, shortlisting, obtaining quotations . . . When you’ve finally selected ‘the one’, that should be it, yes? Well for me, although it was just a signing ceremony, there’s more. No matter how experienced is the photographer you choose, it is always better to communicate your desires in order to manage expectations […]

When planning for your big day, everything feels like a priority but certain things do come first. To keep the process enjoyable, calm, yet progressive, I organized my to-do-list by segmenting them out into categories. Here is my version of priority countdown from 10 to 1. P.S. Note that this timeline works only for a signing ceremony and not a wedding reception. * * * 10. Deciding your outfit.  When: […]

Marrying a foreigner in a country like Malaysia has its pros and cons. One good example is the fact that we can’t perform our registry anywhere but at the ever-dull Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN). While that means we have to sacrifice a bit of my whimsical romantic dream, in a way it is a blessing in disguise as it also discounts a lot of preparations; which makes things a lot […]