A Look Inside : Our Home in Cingapore

  What happened after the court case saga? Many friends have been asking about our survival after the disastrous move to Cingapore - are you still trapped in that sh*thole, are you temporarily homeless, or have you moved out? To be honest, I was very curious myself. After many gloomy days, it became quite hard to see the light. But all the while I had in my hands a silver lining weaved from […]

  The second episode of my Cingapore series. After a very dramatic move and draining month in Cingapore, É and I headed to Singapore State Courts to seek help; lost in desperation of what to do. I doubt this makes the most interesting of posts but when we were trapped in the situation, we tried Googling similar stories; how they dealt with or go about it but couldn’t find any […]

Moving to Cingapore

The first episode of my Cingapore series. We are a young couple married 6 months ago, eager to live our lives together in a new country. Not just any country, but a beautiful country that is also a city built on both preserved and world-class architecture, surrounded by gardens and greens, truly multicultural, embedded with a deep appreciation for arts if only you seek it, famous for its safety, comfort […]