Sexy Red Lips

The past few decades have proven red lipstick to be an evergreen trend. (Read up history of red lipstick here.) Every female Hollywood artiste has been spotted wearing this classic look at least once. Since this fad is gonna stay, why not learn this beauty skill once and for all? The million dollar question is: How to get the purrrfect red lips? Well, definitely not the ‘traditional’ way; which requires only one […]

Given the best wood, a carpenter can’t make furniture without his tools. Given the best paint, a painter can’t paint precisely without her complete set of tools. Given the best and most expensive makeup products, neither can I apply them beautifully on my canvas without good tools. Yes, this post is gonna be about the complete collection of makeup brushes every woman needs. Even after doing much research, it actually […]

Every girl has wondered at least once in her lifetime on how to achieve the smokey eyes look without ending up looking like a panda. Though I have a faster way of doing it, to create the ideal look is to perform each step with patience. In this post, I’m gonna take you through 10 CLEAR simplified steps to achieve the perfect, clean, sleek and sexc pair of smokey eyes. Let’s get […]

You see these products all the time, but are they in your beauty closet? Here are a few reasons why they should be and why they might turn out to be YOUR best friends too. This might seem like a wordy post at a glance but trust me: these products are daily life-changers that make your skin (and wallet) happy in the long run. Here are 8 products that I can’t […]

Braided Ballerina Bun

The braided bun is a hairdo I’ve been wearing since way before Pinterest exists. It is a coiffure I’ve pretty much invented while twirling my tresses in oblivion one day. When I spotted this look on Gigi Hadid in a pin, I thought: Hey, it’s actually a thing and it’s supermodel-worthy!; which brings me to share this easy 4-step hair cinspiration with you. How to: Braided Ballerina Bun What you’ll need: 3 […]

Twisted Braid

One thing I hate waking up to is flat hair. Some days it just happen and there’s no stopping the disaster. One obvious resort is to tease the roots. However, that is rarely my go-to solution because teasing damages the cuticles of our hair. Enter: the Twisted Braid. Even easier than the usual braid, this look only uses 2 parts of hair instead of 3 to pleat. Start with 3 rubber […]

The idea of slathering oil on any part of the body makes most of us, living near the scorching equator, cringe. I, for one, am not exempted but there are 3 extraordinary oil-based products I discovered that deserve exceptions. The trick is how to use them. In this beauty entry, I’ll also share with you when to buy these magical oils so that you can save, save, save. Here are a total of 3 […]