{Too cool for skool? Maybe, but just the kinda cool you need for uni!} In my white tee and favorite blue jeans, I was on my way to UNITEN’s open day. Upon receiving the invitation, I was pretty excited since the last time I graduated was in 2007. After a decade of working, how does it feel to be like a student again? I really do miss that once in a […]

Travel in Style

Somehow I’ve always had a strong attraction towards real gemstones. There’s something alluring and mystical about ‘em that leave me mesmerized evermore. My curiosity brought me to read up more about the topic and soon I learned that natural gemstones actually take millions of years to form deep in the Earth; which explains why they are normally associated with sincerity and genuineness. Each gemstone made by Mother Nature is unique, […]

There are brands you like, then they are brands you love. IKEA is one of the latter – so much I’d actually be proud to have a job there! So imagine my excitement when I learned that a newer, bigger, version is opening at Jalan Cochrane, Cheras. I was frenzied; even more so when I was chosen to partake in their influencer event.  {Breakfast at The Biggest Housewarming Party in Malaysia} {Follow […]

What’s In My Hands?

{Can you make a wild guess of what’s in my hands?} One of the ‘first world pains’ of being a woman is when the time arrives to change sanitary pads – at work. It is an awkward situation regardless; whether I am seen by my male colleagues bringing a pad out, or even weirder, carrying my handbag to the washroom at 4 p.m. “Where are you going?”, is what I got […]

One of the most memorable ways to spend a weekend locally is by doing a road trip test drive. The experience is usually more exhilarating as you get to push a new vehicle; discovering its full potentials and enjoying its exciting drivability. A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege to join Honda City Bloggers Drive’s third family road trip to Penang, where I fell in love with Honda City. […]

Saturday Night Fever

There are days when no matter what you do, nothing feels right. Sleeping might be a good resort, but on a Friday or Saturday night, snoozing makes you feel like you’re missing out on the weekend. So, what do you do? What I discovered, is that a good musical NEVER fails to place one in a good mood; even if the traffic outside is a nightmare. My most recent theatrical […]

The Sloane Clinic™

I wasn’t a huge believer of face or palm reading until Miss Cindy Chew, a professional face reader whom I met at The Sloane Clinic™‘s Beauty and Fortune Workshop, gave me a personal face reading session and left me speechless. There are ‘hidden secrets’ on my face; like the scar above my left forehead, or the peach blossom mole in my left eye – little did I know that these tiny details […]