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In my life, what matters to me the most is the people I love. Hence, it is important to protect the love (and keep it burning). From them, I’ve learned that when you have passion, it is easier to keep love alive. Here are my 5 love tweaks.

Love doesn’t have to be expensive. 

1. Pieces of Love


Buy an empty jigsaw canvas (I got this from Daisou). Write / draw your ‘secret’ message on it. Scrambled the pieces and secure them with a neat red bow. Imagine the smile on the face of the receiver when he / she solves the puzzle! Priceless.

2. Love Coupons


Can’t find a shop selling gifts designed for special couples like you and your loved one? Bring back the ol’ skool scissors, glue and paper to make fun, flirtatious coupons that last throughout the year, keeping your romance alive n’ kickin’! For BFFs, simple change the messaging. i.e. “One B*tching Session”.

3. The Game with No Rules


Who says love has to have so many rules? Sometimes it is good to remind each other that it is okay to take it easy on each other. Arrange a new set of chess pieces on a cake for two, and enjoy breaking all the rules together; as you engage in a chess game without checks!

4. Fresh Cards


Never forget the magic of handmade cards! Gone were the days we still give big greeting cards. Trim a small piece of thick leftover paper. Punch a hole. Insert a small sprig of fresh herbs from your kitchen / garden. Tape it at the back to secure. This idea can also be used as personalized placement cards for your guests when you throw a cozy dinner party!

5. Silver Peppers


Let’s face it – No matter how beautiful a house is, live in it long enough and at one point you will get bored of it. Add some sparks into a space-too-familiar and surprise your partner / family members when they come home by simply adding in a new element. Buy fairy lights and insert it through a net, just like how this D.I.Y lamp does its brilliant trick.

Do you have an idea for a Love Tweak? Share your DIY solution here on how you protect the things you love!


A surprise celebrity guest will pick 3 entries every week and give your idea the acid test. Stand the chance to win RM3000 weekly!

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  1. OMG the fairy lights!! *itchy to try*

  2. OMG! nice idea! i just love your ideas dear.

    1. thank you! am very glad you enjoyed them ^^

  3. Cool idea of using the puzzles as gifts. I was wondered where should I get it. Mind to share which Daiso Outlet you obtained the empty puzzles? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Carene, i got it from the one in The Curve. if i’m not mistaken, most Daisou outlet should carry them. hope this helps!

  4. The fairy light is really nice!

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