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Autumn / Winter 2012 fashion and makeup style is all about cool shades and jewel tones, but that doesn’t mean we cannot rock a sun kissed look this year end! With the daily evening washes and emotional showers a.k.a the rain, a girl absolutely deserves to wear some radiance on her skin. i’m not sure about you, but by stealing ‘accidental’ glimpses in the mirror just to see the reflection of (my) glowing cheeks or tinted lips somehow makes me believe that the days are just as bright and cheerful as you want it to be. This is a post specially dedicated to all ladies out there who want a dash of sunshine this monsoon season. (:



Presenting: my gifted makeup set by KATE.


Start off with a bare face. Here i am only wearing moisturizer, so you can clearly see the redness around my nose area, slightly uneven skin tone at some areas, etc.


In this makeup tutorial i’ll be creating a total look using KATE’s new base makeup line, KATE for COVER. This series is specially formulated to provide a lasting beautiful finish; making you look natural but flawless and beautiful from any angle while making skin problems less visible.


This unusual liquid foundation also contains water-soluble collagen and SPF20.PA++. :D



KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER foundation turns into powder in an INSTANT: 15 seconds (!!!), so you can imagine how excited i was while crafting this post. Its smooth texture reliably covers the skin imperfections and provides a shine-free finish without the need to add face powder. Absolutely magical! ❤




Now begins the step-by-step makeup tutorial on how to create wider, larger looking eyes using KATE Wide Edge Eyes eye shadow:




This special eye shadow palette is made using light-diffusing ‘eye-widening control pearl’ to make eyes look wider and larger.




Using a small flat brush, line the eyes with dark brown eye shadow and highlight the inner corner of the eyes using the shimmering bronze color.


Contour the face with bronzer and apply a coral toned blusher on the apple of your cheeks for a romantic flush.


Use KATE Slim Create Powder for COVER to highlight and add more definition to the face. Swipe the shimmery powder on your cheekbones (below the apples of your cheeks), along the bridge of your nose, and not to forget, your cupid’s bow. Use the darker shade to contour the sides of your nose to give it a ‘lift’!


Last but not least comes the lips part! Here i’m about to introduce you to FOUR different kinds of lipstick and gloss.


You may choose the option of focusing on the eye and cheek area by using KATE lipstick ND in BE – 1 KATE Lip GLoss S, a lustrous gloss with thick and shiny coat that moisturizes and gives you beautifully contoured lips with 3D effect.



Otherwise, use KATE Rouge HG lipstick in OR-10 to complete your tangerine kissed look. This special lipstick contains treatment ingredients to protect lips from dryness, keeping them full and richly moist all the time. :)


You may also try KATE Rouge Luster in RD – 1 for a sexcier look, a beautiful pearl color that gives you a delicate shine + a layer of KATE Liquid Rouge N, a liquid type lipstick with essence that protects lips from dryness, providing long-lasting moisture and rich luster!


Now it’s time to flash that big SMILE with your natural flawless face, wide eyes, and juicy kissable lips, especially when i’m giving you craaazzy discount vouchers right here, below. Just click on them to download!



Have fun creating your tangerine kissed look! ;)

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