[AD] Active Zippy!


Finally i can reveal to you the famous lingerie brand that i’ll be co-hosting a slumber party with (as mentioned here), and it is none other than Sloggi! The judges have picked the lucky readers who will be joining me to party on Sloggi Girls’ Night; which falls on 9th January 2012, where i will also be competing with 2 other bloggers to be the BEST girls-night hostess. To those who are not picked, do not be disheartened because the team has decided to shoot and air the party Live at www.sloggigirlsnight.com, just so you can party and interact with my hot girls (+ 1 hunky celeb) the whole night – online! :D



The theme of the party is Active Zippy; which means it is gonna be the most exciting slumber party your eyes will ever witness – One packed with hot girls in action having lotsa fun while operating with high energy! Here are 2 nicely shot videos for you to get more awesomeness:

Celebrity judge – Henry Golding!


p.s. There will also be a Q & A session to win goodies from Sloggi so don’t miss the party~!


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  1. Good luck “twin”! May the hottest party be alive forever~

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