[AD] Thirst!


Since most people i know celebrated X’mas outstation with their families, i decided to host a huge X’mas party @ Zouk a week before the actual day itself. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as NAPBAS after-party happened to fall on the same night! Having that said, in this (eye candy) post you will see many beautiful and handsome people (i know at some point of #foreveralone-ness we all wondered where they go). As my girl friends were running (fashionably) late, i managed to take some gorgeous pictures with the famous and fabulous at my pre-party with the awesome green bottle:


This, is the life of our epic party that night. i was more than happy to choose Heineken because i believe only THE BEST (premium quality brew) can serve THE BEST (party people)! Here are some hot shots ST managed to capture before everybody got drunk crazzehhh:










So that’s how my sweet party was made merry and the rest is history. My girl friends and i swore to celebrate X’mas this year high in style ala ‘upper east siders’, and that would not have been made possible without Heineken. Even though it turned out too fun and crazy to be anything but ‘Gossip Girl‘, the party was definitely better than planned. Below is the last (decent) picture i managed to pose for before we had to keep my DSLR in the car while still being sober, and of course before hitting the dance floor!!!


Don’t know how to plan your party this festive season? Here is the coolest iPhone app i’ve ever seen to give you an idea how:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :twisted:

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  1. i can use a bottle right about now

  2. Love the photo of the bucket of heineken

    Also my friend said you’re pretty :)


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