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It is almost impossible not to place Jared Leto‘s sharp and perfectly structured side profile to kickoff this dashing post. He is so incredibly handsome; i could fall in love with him 30 times a day. 30 Seconds to Mars, a rock band from L.A., is performing at this year’s MTV World Stage and hey, guess what – i’m meeting him!!! 8)


Also performing at the event is Neon Trees, an alternative rock band from Utah. Their first single “Animal” was even performed by the cast of Glee in season two.

Beast, South Korea boy band will be there to make girls scream and cry.


One of Asia’s premiere Hip Hop Rock act, Pop Shuvit from our very own country, is also gonna be there to rock music lovers’ hearts out.

Here’s how you can get your FREE passes (and a chance to meet and mingle with Neon Trees).


You can choose either one of the following:
1. Download cool games like Guitar Rock Tour 2 at 50% OFF @ Channel X.
2. Download BEAST Call Me Tones.
3. KBOMM a minimum of 5 friends a day in Kolony.
4. Reload.
5. Like Xpax FB Page and join the MTV World Stage ’11 Contest.



Here’s another reason why you should go to MTV World Stage. :razz:

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