[AD] Take It Off!


If you haven’t noticed, glasses are always used at the beginning of a plot in movies to make an actress looked as if she had a major transformation from nerdy schoolgirl to cheerleader material. Glasses can be hot, but if you are relying on them like they are your own eyes, you’re missing out a lot (especially if you are a girl). They should only be an accessory, not a necessity. Without them, you can play more your eye makeup without looking like there’s too much going on in your face.


Everybody has the freedom to look hot, and that includes you. If you have been wearing glasses like Ugly Betty all your life, the first step you could take is try contact lenses. It’s time to show the world those beautiful hidden eyes! We are not born with glasses, are we?

If you are taking my above advise, i recommend all first time contact lens users to try Bausch + Lomb. Bausch + Lomb is the first contact lens brand that i was introduced to by my mother, and is still our favorite in the family.


Bausch + Lomb is the #1 Monthly Lens for clearer vision and outstanding comfort. There are 2 types: SofLens 38; which has ultra-thin comfort for delicate eyes, and SofLens 59; which is ideal for first time users because it uses UniFit technology that fits most eye types, is easy to wear, remove, and does not tear easily.


Here i have with me SofLens 38. It has less drying material and less deposit build-up for a full day / longer wearing comfort. But if you prefer daily disposable lenses, undoubtedly Bausch + Lomb has them too.


Now there is a Freedom to Look Hot before and after contest that gives you a chance to win a SUZUKI ALTO amongst many other prizes up to RM100K! Here’s how:



Here’s my attempt to take part as a contestant, and my pictures for you to pre-judge:



See the difference?


How can i NOT say “Goodbye, glasses!”?


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  1. i will never wear a contact lens because i dont dare touch my eyeballs :P

    1. me too =3=
      i shall just be ugly betty my whole life then…

      sydney dot 0912 at gmail dot com

      1. omg… y say so?

    2. tak kenal maka tak cinta! :p

  2. girl wearing glasses look smart
    without glasses look pretty.
    pendapat sayalah.

    1. true also in a way ;)

  3. Ahaha, somehow, you look kinda good in glasses, methinks! :P
    I know I don’t T.T haha~
    But I definitely LOVE contact lenses more! :)

    1. me too! hahaha~ if not face looks so messy! like there’s too much going on

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