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i’ve always considered biscuits as one of the fun things in life. Why do you think Cookie Monster exists in Sesame Street™ instead of Broccoli Monster? Having that said, Munchy’s is going to “Share the Fun” with you in conjunction with its 20th Anniversary celebration! :D


Munchy’s Funbots will be making a Fun-taste-tic journey from their homeland, Munchy’s Factory in Batu Pahat, to Munchy’s Fun Factory in 1Utama Oval Concourse (where the grand celebration will be held from 1st – 5th June) to spread the fun to you, so make sure you’ll be there to share!!


If you’re wondering, Funbots originate and reside in Munchy’s Factory. They are the creators and makers of the fun, yummy Munchy’s products. Please meet Michael Oven, DJ Mixer, ChopChop and Beat Box :


Well unfortunately, Beat Box is on his way to take a roller coaster ride into my mouth :




All the Funbots has their own personality and you can check them out via Munchy’s Facebook Funbots Dance App contest, where great prizes are awaiting you :

  • 1 Unit of Macbook Pro 13-inch: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 dual-core
  • 2 Units of iPad 2 Wifi & 3G model
  • 1 Unit of iPodNano
  • 7 Units of iPod Shuffle 2GB


Select a Funbot of your choice with 8 basic dance steps plus 4 unlockable steps and create a combination to collect points as each dance step have its own points.


Each successful submission will unlock a new dance move, and a new background up to 4 new unlockables!


You will be able to boost your dance scores on the leaderboard by inviting your friends and earning votes to your entries. Wicked!! See you there @ the fun party~! ;)



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  1. best snack, yum max!

    1. mmy maid really loves it wtf!

  2. nice pichas! :D

    ive submitted my funbot!! :D but i just simply combined the dance moves lol im not a pro

    1. actually, me too. not a pro T_T

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