Every now and then i come across a quiet table in a busy cafe where a couple or a bunch of friends sitting together with eyes fixed on their phone screens. Be it a smart or stupid phone, once somebody starts playing with his / her device, soon enough everybody does it too. My friends and i never fail to laugh at these people thinking how dysfunctional technology has made people today.


What i can’t deny, is the fact that in this day and age, a smartphone is something we can’t live without. Besides having the convenience to stay connected via email and the web, i have to admit that it is a LIFE SAVER when you happen to be alone in awkward or non-awkward situations alike; keeping you company with music, games, and awesome apps. As far as i know, my smartphone has NEVER betrayed me in any of these situations:

  • stuck in a weird party of boring crowds
  • waiting for my turn in a packed clinic
  • watching the boyfriend play football
  • when traveling, especially road trips!
  • while waiting for my car to be serviced
  • and many more…

Perhaps one could bring a book, but not all situations allow us to read. If my current shitty phone has never failed to leave my side when i needed to keep myself occupied, what say you about a PlayStation Certified Android Smartphone by Sony Ericsson? The Xperia PLAY for gamers and non-gamers alike!


This android combines the best of a gamepad smartphone with the convenience of a PSP in your mobile for you to enjoy non-stop entertainment with the best games on your mobile like Winning Eleven and Final Fantasy. With Celcom Exec packages, you can get one too for as low as RM848!


Find out more about the exclusive Sony Ericsson Experia PLAY here. ;)

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  1. love ya dress in the first pic , cin O<

    1. it’s a top! hehehe.. i like it too <3

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