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Cin City is a personal lifestyle blog about a fashion traveler in her search of beauty and inspiration in everyday life. Each crafted post is infused with styled fashion to inspire, and take you on a journey in her wanderlust. From fashion to home deco, travel to food, health and beauty; regardless of who you are, here in this “city” there’s a lil’ something for everyone.


{D.I.Y gift ideas}

I believe inspirations are all around us. It depends on how aware you are about your surroundings, and how much you are willing to absorb and share them with people; including strangers. You can practice to get use to that now, but being a performing arts graduate, that is how I’ve learned to see things. When I translate them into my blog posts, I hope and believe that my readers appreciate it when I share the beauty in simplicity most people are too busy to see.


{home design + deco}

I started blogging in 2005 when I first entered college and met a girl friend, Eri, who caught the ‘blog fever’ hence got me ‘infected’. After graduating in 2008, I joined a model search online reality show, Malaysian Dreamgirl and emerged as the winner. I guess that is when Cin City is distinguished in the virtual world.


{me + Eri traveling ala Cuti-Cuti Malaysia}

Confucius once said: Find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m a full-time blogger and I love my job because of the freedom I get to share with people the fancy things I find appealing, delightful, and feel passionate about that brings me joy. Most of my readers are very loyal and often send me emails. Receiving their joy and appreciation is a kind of satisfaction no 9 to 6 job can offer.


{me in The Star: guest celebrity blogger for Watsons Pure Beauty}

The best thing about being a blogger is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to feel like one. Receiving countless invites to parties and events; especially when they are about fashion or brand collaborations (like this one for TOPSHOP) drives me crazy happy. You’d probably seen me featured in magazines such as CLEO, 17, Faces, Men’s Health, NewMan, etc and not to forget, my appearances on TV too!


{ASTRO Hitz anti piracy PSA shoot}

Being a fashion lover, this post will not be complete without some fashion tips. My personal style is romantic and classy with a sexy edge. Lately I’m obsessed with the Grecian look – dresses that seem to magically transform you into a Greek Goddess! I swear by classic ‘Old Hollywood’ pieces that never go out of style. But in the end of the day, I believe it is all about confidence. Always make sure that you wear the dress, not “the dress wears you”!


{a typical outfit post at a not-so-typical location}

When i’m not blogging i’m usually cooking (which i also blog about occasionally) or hanging out with my close friends at a cozy cafe in the heart of KL city over a nice chat. To me, blogging is like an art. Like a musician who finds pleasure in sharing his music, I have a lot of fun sharing my life with people on how they can see the World through my eyes as a blogger, fashion traveler, and lover of life.


{Greek-inspired Zucchini Pancakes}

You too, can share some love at my official social media accounts, facebook.com/officialteycindy and twitter.com/teycindy. I hope you enjoy seeing the World through my eyes as a blogger, fashion traveller, and lover. ♡

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  1. Hi Cindy! Would like to invite you to speak at a forum in Sunway University in April 2017. Have sent you an email as well a message via Facebook. Could you please check? TQ!

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